Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

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Anugerah Gemilang 2019: 25 eKelas students successfully awarded student grants


“My experience with eKelas has not only helped to improve my learning style and abilities, but also enhanced my skills in using the computer.”

“Learning through eKelas has given us a positive impact, as it makes learning English, Science and Maths more interesting and fun - we are always looking forward to participate in its activities.”

“eKelas content and tutorials are very useful especially when I don’t understand some questions and answers that I need to provide. The various content available on the portal such as quizzes and question banks provide us with opportunities to practice and master subjects or topics.”

These are just some of what our eKelas students have said about the programme. Anugerah Gemilang eKelas recognises our eKelas students who have shown the most progress in their studies, and we want them to be inspired and motivated to do well. During the award presentation held recently, 25 students were awarded student grants amounting to RM1,200 and RM600 for 3 and 2 subjects improved respectively in their 2018 school examinations. For more information about Anugerah Gemilang, visit