Maxis reaches out to more students with ‘eKelas @ School’


Earlier this year, Maxis eKelas formed a partnership with the Division of Sports and Arts Education under the Ministry of Education (MOE). This partnership recognizes eKelas’ English Drama competition and Essay writing competition as outreach initiatives under the MOE’s Highly Immersive Programme (HIP). HIP aims to improve English proficiency amongst students through immersive activities that encourage increased usage of the language.

For Maxis, this partnership is particularly significant as it amplifies eKelas advancement into new territory by offering the programme to more students beyond Pusat Internet. For the first time since the programme’s inception, Maxis will directly engage with schools to deliver an eKelas English drama competition and an essay writing competition as part of a pilot programme dubbed ‘eKelas @ School’. A total of 19 schools from 10 states around the country have been selected to be part of this pilot programme.

As eKelas’ reach widens, there are three key areas in which we want eKelas to create an impact on the community:

  • Improving soft skills and values-driven learning 
    Apart from the usage of the language, the eKelas English competitions look to foster a collaborative learning experience that encourages the use of imagination and creativity. For example, the drama competition allows students to work within their groups to produce videos of their performance with the freedom to use props and costumes of their choice. Now, more students have the opportunity to participate in a more immersive English-learning activity with eKelas.

  • Participation at the national level
    Students who participate in these competitions will receive marks under their co-curricular activities (Markah Pentaksiran Aktiviti Jasmani, Sukan & Ko-kurikulum). So, like an interschool football competition, students will be awarded co-curricular marks when they participate, adding value to their university applications. Furthermore, both competitions are at a national level, which means, students get the chance to be their state’s pride if they win.

  • Students get to enjoy eKelas beyond learning English
    Apart from the opportunity to participate in the eKelas English competitions, students can also utilise the Mathematics and Science content on the eKelas portal, attend the weekly Live Tutorials with quality teachers, take part in engaging eKelas activities with Maxis Volunteers and be in the running to apply for our annual student grant awards through Anugerah Gemilang eKelas.

Maxis is grateful to the MOE and the Division of Sports and Arts Education for their support of eKelas. Their recognition of both eKelas English competitions as an official school co-curricular activity will benefit students beyond their schooling years, and is an important step in growth and expansion of the programme.