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Alert: Beware of

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eKelas Students Put Up Award Winning Performances For Drama Project

It was amazing to see how eKelas students comprising 50 teams across 20 locations took on the drama challenge and participated with such enthusiasm in an English play. Although they struggled a bit initially, their passion certainly shone throughout the show.

The drama challenge was introduced as an activity to get eKelas students excited about learning English, give them the opportunity to express themselves and collaborate with each other.

Their excitement and commitment was obvious as they made extra effort to prepare the props, costumes and background setting for their show, demonstrating the power of collaboration.

Meanwhile, Maxis employees who were themselves passionate about the performing arts, volunteered to coach the students on their lines, pronunciations and acting in a drama workshop. For Tania Marie from Corporate Affairs, the workshop was more than just about teaching children to recite their lines. It was a critical thinking exercise that encouraged young minds to translate an emotion into an act, and a platform to build their confidence. “We shared our passion for drama with the kids by coaching them into feeling confident and to express themselves. It was a great experience for me, and watching these students show enthusiasm was such a delight,” she said.

All the performances were recorded and submitted for judging. PI1M Kg Muhibbah emerged the big winner, taking top spot for both Form 2 and 3, while PI1M Langkawi won the first place for form 1. The winners received prizes from their assigned volunteers, who made the trip back to meet their students to celebrate together with their parents.

The drama project has been a worthwhile initiative, which allowed the students to be creative and express themselves on a different level. Not only did the students learn new words, phrases and improved their pronunciation, they also learnt how important teamwork was. A good character building exercise, indeed!


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