Experience fun and adventure with the
Maxis eKelas SMK Edition

Join Mal, Nana, and friends on a journey of education and exploration to learn the importance of English. Improve
your command in English through exciting activities with eKelas.

SMK Edisi Maxis eKelas

Let’s discover the Maxis eKelas SMK Edition together and watch all available episodes now.

Let's discover the Maxis eKelas SMK Edition together.
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Sertai HIP Bahasa Inggeris 'Storyfest'

Looking to improve your English? Join the Maxis eKelas 'StoryFest' HIP English
Competition today.

Sign up on Maxis eKelas for free.

Eligible for Standard 4 to Form 5 students.

Improve your English essay-writing and storytelling skills through online
video tutorials.

Participants and winners will receive national level bonus PAJSK co-curriculum marks and SSPN cash deposit worth up to RM400 + eKelas gift box

Maxis eKelas is an after-school digital learning programme designed to improve the academic performances of Malaysian students. Starting from Standard 6 up to Form 5, students will learn fun and engaging ways to improve their Science, Mathematics, and English.

With Maxis eKelas students can access online video tutorials with experienced teachers and receive useful content such as notes, exam questions, quizzes, digital projects, and take part in various other fun challenges.

Maxis eKelas registration is free and open to all students and exclusively for Maxis and Hotlink subscribers, access to the eKelas platform is free of data charges.

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