When fibre internet is
built for you, the possibilities 
are yours to create

Creating possibilities limited only by your imagination

We believe in harnessing the power of the internet to expand possibilities and empower Malaysians. As we continue our best efforts to provide fibre access to more Malaysians, we take inspiration from the stories of people who have made the impossible possible with the help of the internet. 

Pak Su

Sujana bin Rejab, fondly known as Pak Su, is a former English teacher who taught himself how to design and build prosthetic limbs. To date, he has created over 50 types of prosthetic limbs for people worldwide. Through his story, Pak Su tells us what it means to bring second chances to the less fortunate, and the impact that the internet has had on him.

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Picha Eats

Since 2016, Picha Eats has provided a platform for refugees in Malaysia to cook and distribute their homeland’s food. As of 2019, more than 15 refugee families have been empowered by a sustainable livelihood.

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Kathires’s parents weren’t too happy when he started pursuing a career in eSports, but by balancing his time between being a mechanical engineering student and gaming, he has accomplished one of his biggest eSports wins yet: The FIFA18 champion at Malaysia Cyber Games 2018. In this video, Kathires takes us through the challenges he faced and the inspiring people has met in his gaming career.

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The internet presents endless possibilities. Bring your dreams to life with better fibre internet today.