Maxis showcases power of 5G through Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Starting 6 March, Maxis is offering the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, featuring an impressive 100x Space Zoom and 8K video recording, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Samsung Galaxy S20 4G devices with 30x Space Zoom and 8K video recording. All these devices will be available on Maxis Zerolution with zero upfront payment, no credit card and zero interest rate.

The 5G phones will be available only at the Maxis Centres in KLCC and Sunway Pyramid for a full Maxis 5G connectivity experience. As part of the launch, Maxis is also showcasing 5G Live with Galaxy S20 Ultra – a miniature art gallery featuring familiar Malaysian sights and slice-of-life dioramas, including one of a Maxis Centre! Demonstrating the world’s most powerful mobile zoom technology in the most creative way, customers at KLCC and Sunway Pyramid Maxis Centres would be able to experience the true beauty of the art by zooming into every tiny detail with the S20 Ultra’s camera. Even cooler, they can watch the art come to life via Augmented Reality (AR) powered by Maxis 5G.

The showcase is now at the KLCC Maxis Centre and will be coming soon to the Sunway Pyramid Maxis Centre, both for a one-month period. During this time, customers can also stream videos, play games and check out speed tests on the Maxis 5G network.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Samsung Galaxy S20 series to our family of mobile device offers, with awesome zoom and 8K video functions that are sure to delight photography and videography enthusiasts. Beyond the devices and creative miniature art galleries, we also wanted to enable customers to experience the exciting possibilities of 5G, which will dramatically change the way we communicate and experience life. So don’t miss this opportunity to get the first taste of what our future could be like,” said Arjun Varma, Head of Maxis Consumer Business.

Choosing your phone from the Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Customers can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G from only RM129 per month on Maxis Zerolution360, or two units of Samsung Galaxy S20+ or Samsung Galaxy S20 for one attractive monthly installment, starting from only RM189 per month on Maxis Zerolution. Under these plans, customers can enjoy zero upfront payment, no credit card and zero interest rate, on the 5G ready network.


Monthly Installment

Samsung Galaxy S20

From RM189/mth for 2 phones on Zerolution


From RM89/mth for 1 phone on Zerolution360

Samsung Galaxy S20+

From RM249/mth for 2 phones on Zerolution


From RM99/mth for 1 phone on Zerolution360

Samsung Galaxy S20
Ultra 5G

From RM129/mth for 1 phone on Zerolution360

To choose their phone and plan, customers can pop into any Maxis Centre or visit



Always Be Ahead in a changing world

Maxis makes commitment to enable customers to Always Be Ahead in a changing world

In a time of constant change across the world, driven especially by advancements in technology, Maxis today unveiled its new brand purpose: To bring together the best of technologies to help people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in a changing world. The new brand purpose was launched in conjunction with Maxis’ 25th anniversary and the upcoming Merdeka celebrations, to signify the intertwining of Maxis’ and Malaysia’s past, present and future journey together in this rapidly evolving digital age.


Maxis calls on organisations to rethink Digital Transformation Strategy through Retransformation

Maxis is calling on organisations in Malaysia to rethink and reevaluate their digital transformation strategies.

Natalia Navin, Chief Human Resource Officer, Maxis

Maxis launches three new scholarships in building future technology and innovation leaders

In its commitment to building tech-savvy and forward-thinking leaders, Maxis has launched three new scholarships to support the aspirations of bright and deserving young individuals. Candidates can apply for the Maxis Women in Tech Undergraduate 2020 Scholarship, Maxis Tech Undergraduate 2020 Scholarship and the Maxis Young Leaders Undergraduate 2020 Scholarship. Due to the overwhelming response received from applicants, the initial submission deadline of 31 August has now been extended to 14 September to allow more students to apply.