Maxis Employees Help Activate Brand New High-Speed Fibre In Homes And Businesses Nationwide

Following the launch of its most affordable and worry-free fibre broadband plans in August, Maxis has received over 40,000 new and existing customers signing up for the new packages since the pre-launch registration phase. As part of the installation process, more than 50% of Maxis employees have come together to participate in the ‘Fibrenation Box Swap’ campaign and rally behind the strong take up by visiting 1,500 homes and businesses nationwide. Over the next two days, employees will be helping customers to upgrade their Wi-Fi routers for a better Internet experience.

Maxis’ unique ‘no restrictions’, ‘Always On’ fibre broadband propositions provide a superior Internet experience supported by advanced high speed fibre networks and even better services. Both the new consumer and business fibre plans offer speeds of up to 100Mbps and at prices up to 65% lower than previous similar plans. The businesses plan is the most affordable in the market.

Accompanied by Maxperts, Maxis’ own SWAT-like team of Internet experts, employees commenced their visit to customers in their homes and business premises earlier today to swap all single band Wi-Fi routers to dual band routers capable of maximising the speed upgrades on Wi-Fi. For businesses, the new router comes with a built-in automatic 4G wireless backup Internet via an embedded SIM to keep them connected at all times, and includes a future proof business grade router which will enable additional speed upgrades as they become available. There is also the additional flexible option to choose multiple solutions add-ons based on their specific business needs.

The new routers are being installed at no extra charge, so existing customers who have decided to change their plans will be re-contracted for 24 months instead of an auto opt-in. All existing customers can move to these new plans by filling in the web form at

“When we launched our affordable plans a month ago, our goal was to open up a new era of accessible fibre broadband for even more Malaysian homes and businesses. We were surprised by the response and momentum since our launch which had certainly exceeded our expectations, with positive response from customers and an encouraging interest from enterprises and SMEs. We’re ramping up our resources and our employees are all pitching in to accelerate the installation process and make them available to our customers as quickly as possible. We would like to thank all our customers for their valuable support.

“We believe broadband has a great future and we are optimistic of its significant growth potential. We thank the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia for facilitating the reduction of wholesale broadband prices, which was indeed timely and enabled a positive take up of our new packages. We are currently the only access seeker for fibre broadband in the country, and we continue to work with the government and access providers to secure access to even higher speeds, which will allow us to make more new plans available to our customers,” said Robert Nason, Maxis’ Chief Executive Officer.

Meanwhile, Maxis will continue to invest in accessing available fibre networks in Malaysia and building its own where possible.

Anyone can sign up for these plans by visiting, and filling in the web form. To see how the upgraded routers provide a better Internet experience, watch the video here.



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Natalia Navin, Chief Human Resource Officer, Maxis

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