Pokémon GO Fans Take Opportunity To Grab PokeMobile + Hotlink Goodies

schedule 17 Aug 2016

Fans of Pokémon GO were thrilled at the eventual arrival of the AR game. And some were lucky enough to grab the limited edition PokeMobiles recently launched by Grab Malaysia and Hotlink, to hunt Pokémons.

In the first two days of the launch of the much anticipated AR game, Pokémon GO players were able to book a free ride to the nearest PokeStop by selecting the PokeMobile button on their GrabApp. Inside the PokeMobiles were refreshments, a goodie bag, Hotlink PokeChargers for their phones and a Hotlink Fast 4G widescreen monitor.

Hotlink customers also got an extra advantage in the form of free USD100 worth of PokeCoins via Hotlink Cash Online. They will also get 10% off their PokeCoins every time via Hotlink Cash Online, and 10% off for in-app purchases on other favourite games and apps.

Check out these experiences from some Pokemon Go fans!

For more information about Grab and Hotlink’s partnership on Pokémon Go, please visit www.maxis.com.my/googleplay. To learn more about Hotlink, visit www.hotlink.com.my.



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