“Impossible To Get A Bill Shock” Promise With Maxis Postpaid

schedule 27 Mar 2015

Zero bill shock experience or your money back – that’s Maxis’ promise to customers.

It's become increasingly common for postpaid customers to get charged extra for stuff they never intended to use – both at home and when roaming abroad. Which is why Maxis recently made a few important changes to make it IMPOSSIBLE to experience bill shock – no matter which Maxis postpaid plan you're on. So every postpaid customer can now say with confidence "If I didn't intend to use it, Maxis won't charge me for it". And if Maxis doesn’t live up to this promise, customers will receive a full waiver on their bill.

Maxis new ‘Zero Bill Shock’ claim is based on 5 distinct promises covering different elements of postpaid charging including Pay-Per-Use (PPU) data charges, calls & SMS rates and even roaming.

NEVER WORRY ABOUT UNINTENTIONAL DATA CHARGES – Smartphone “oops” are unavoidable, but Maxis won’t charge you for it any more. The first 250kb of accidental PPU data every month is now free, whether caused by your child playing with your phone or accidentally launching an app
NEVER WORRY ABOUT DATA CHARGES WITHOUT WARNING  For those without monthly internet passes, Maxis will SMS alert users BEFORE they even charge and they will SMS you again for every RM10 of data usage
NEVER WORRY ABOUT DATA ROAMING BILL SHOCK – Maxis promises you will never exceed RM38/day in data roaming charges in over 106 countries. Even if you’re visiting a new country, you won’t even need to remember the preferred roaming operator in each country because Maxis now automatically selects the right network for you
NEVER WORRY ABOUT CHARGES TO ANY LOCAL NUMBER – With the MaxisONE plan it no longer matters what numbers you call - whether you are calling fixed lines or mobile lines, making short calls or long calls, peak or non-peak. Your domestic call and SMS charges will always be zero.
EVEN WITHOUT A DATA PLAN, YOUR PAY-PER-USE DATA WILL NEVER EXCEED RM50 – Maxis doesn’t believe in the industry practice of penalising PPU data usage by charging the equivalent of RM10,000 per 1 GB. Which is why Maxis is the only telco that now caps PPU data charges at RM50/month

“Nasty bill surprises do more than cost customers money. They instill fear and mistrust. Which is why with something like ‘Zero Bill Shock’, we knew a marketing claim alone is simply not enough. Like with all our customer experience promises, we wanted to set extremely clear and tangible promises so customers know exactly what to expect from us. And in order to keep ourselves on our toes, we invite the customers to experience – even test – every one of these improvements for themselves.” said Sulin Lau, Maxis’ Head of Marketing Services.

This latest Zero Bill Shock Promise follows similarly tangible and quantifiable promises Maxis has made when it upgraded its network last year (Zero Buffering on YouTube 96% of the time, Loads Malaysia’s favourite webpages in under 8 seconds), and is part of the company’s continuing pledge to deliver an Unmatched Customer Experience through its network, products, stores and service experience.

As part of the campaign, Maxis is also inviting journalist and bloggers to put our promises to their own tests and publish their findings. For more information on Maxis’ Zero Bill Shock’ promise, visit



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