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We believe in bringing together the best of technology to help people, businesses and the nation always be ahead in a changing world. Our drive to serve you better is to empower Malaysians from all walks of life to achieve greater things. View these inspiring stories of Malaysians being ahead.

25 years of learning and innovation

We commemorate the past to pave the way for what's ahead. Take a look at our accomplishments over the past 25 years.

Be inspired by Malaysians who embody the spirit of Always Be Ahead

How is a Malaysian scientist and tech helping local farmers grow better crops?

While studying tomatoes, Dr. Chew Bee Lynn noticed a big potential for agricultural growth in Malaysia. Find out what this award-winning scientist is doing to help local farmers.

From a drone demo to helping local rice farmers work more efficiently

Naza's first encounter with drones was when he watched a live demo in Sungai Besar. Now he's helping local rice farmers work more efficiently while creating income for his team. Check out how he's doing with the tech.

Putting the AR in LRT.

Ever found yourself at the LRT station trying to find a map that can help you navigate your route? Well, now you can have one on your LRT card — with AR! Find out what inspired 24-year-old Emil Shafy and how he's helping fellow Malaysians stay ahead with tech.