Upgrade Devices

How often can I upgrade my device with Zerolution360?

You can upgrade your device any time after you have made 12 bill payments (from month 13 onwards). Once you upgrade your device, your commitment will restart with the new device that you have selected.

To be eligible for an upgrade, your device needs to be in a good working condition (to be graded by Maxis) and you would need to pay a one-time upgrade fee, which reduces every quarter and is free from month 24 onwards.

What happens to my Zerolution360 subscription when I upgrade?

Once you upgrade your device, your commitment will restart with the new device that you have selected. You will then need to pay the monthly fee for your new device, which may differ from your first device.

What happens if I want to upgrade and my device is not in good working condition?

If your device is not in a good working condition at point of upgrade, you can utilise the comprehensive coverage that comes with your Maxis Zerolution360 subscription.

If you have reached your claim limit, there is still the option to pay an excess fee, hence the zero-worry experience as you do not need to replace the damaged device with another device at the full retail price.

What happens if I don’t upgrade?

  • If you don’t upgrade your device, you will need to continue paying for this program until you fulfill your 24-month commitment period.
  • Once you reach your 24th month, you can either decide to keep using your current device and pay your current monthly fee, or upgrade to another device for free which you would need to return the device in good working condition.
  • Should you decide to terminate your subscription, you will need to return your device to us in good working condition.


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