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Easy Digital Reloads with up to 30% Cash Back

What is HotlinkMU?

HotlinkMU are personalized deals that's made to your need, created every day just for you.

Who can get HotlinkMU deals?

Deals are available to all Hotlink customers, excluding Hotlink Tourist SIM and Hotlink Postpaid Flex.

Where do I get HotlinkMU deals?

You can find the deals by logging into Hotlink RED App, shop under 'HotlinkMU'.

What kind of offers will I get?

Personalized new deals will be refresh every day based on your usage needs. Offer type includes Internet, Calls, IDD bundles, Top Up and even FREE passes on your lucky day! Be sure to check back HotlinkMU deals everyday to not miss out on your great deals!

I am offered to 2 top up offers today. Can I accept them all?

You can only accept 1 offer every day. However you may logon to Red App and accept a new offer the following day.on your great deals!

I have accepted a top up offer. How do I get the top up reward?

After accepting a top up offer, make a single or cumulative top up as per the required top up amount by 11.59pm on the same day. You will receive the reward within 60mins. Only 1 reward will be granted per day.

Click here for the terms and conditions.



Free Internet Redemption

How does it work?

Welcome to the NEW and improved Hotlink Rewards Program!

As a Hotlink subscriber, you will begin to accumulate Reward Points by:

  1. Purchasing selected Monthly MI Passes on the Hotlink RED app
  2. Claiming free Reward Points from your Daily Reward and/or Mystery Gift, simply by logging in to the Hotlink RED app every day

The amount of Reward Points you obtain via the Daily Reward is dependent on which tier you are on, Silver or Gold.

What are tiers?

The NEW Hotlink Rewards have 2 tiers. Advancing is simple; all you have to do is log in every day to claim your free Reward Points OR purchase selected Monthly MI Passes via the Hotlink RED app. Purchasing selected MI Passes will automatically upgrade you to Gold status! There are 2 tiers in the NEW Hotlink Rewards;

  1. Silver (0pts to 59pts) – Claim 3 Reward Points from your Daily Rewards and open a Mystery Gift box every day for a Mystery Gift!
  2. Gold (60pts and above) – Claim 6 Reward Points from your Daily Rewards and open a Mystery Gift box every day for a Mystery Gift. As a Gold status member you will also stand a chance to be rewarded with exclusive Mystery Gifts via the Mystery Gift box!

What is a Daily Reward?

Daily Rewards are free Reward Points you can obtain daily just by opening the NEW Hotlink RED app Rewards page. Click on the CLAIM button to receive your free Reward Points. Your daily reward resets daily, so come back every day so you don’t miss out!

What is a Mystery Gift?

A Mystery Gift is a free daily surprise from us, to you. All you have to do is claim it by opening the Hotlink RED app Rewards page and tapping on the CLAIM button. The Mystery Gift box may contain anything from additional Reward Points to amazing prizes, so check back every day for your chance to be rewarded!

What are Reward Points and what is it for?

With the NEW Reward Points, you get to choose what you want to redeem through our rewards catalogue. FREE MI Passes, amazing vouchers and discounts are all available for you to redeem within the campaign period.

Do my Reward Points expire?

Yes, your Reward Points will reset at the end of each calendar month.

How do I see the description of my downloaded reward and the expiry?

Go to the Downloaded tab to see the description of the reward, the redemption expiry and the status of the reward.

What happens if I don’t use my reward by the expiry date?

The item(s) cannot be redeemed anymore and will be labeled as expired. You may however, redeem another one, once you have enough points.

What happens when the campaign ends?

All points will be refreshed to zero and all unredeemed Reward Points will expire.

What happens to my redeemed rewards after the campaign period?

Redeemed rewards have a validity period separate from the campaign period. To view the status of a specific reward, go to your “Downloaded” tab and select the reward you want to inspect.

I am not a Hotlink customer; will I still be eligible to participate in this Rewards program?

No, you must be a Hotlink customer with the Hotlink RED app.

Is my rate plan eligible for this new Rewards Program?

The NEW Hotlink Rewards Program applies to all rate plans except for the Hotlink Tourist sim.

So how do I participate?

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the Hotlink RED app.
  2. Purchase any monthly pass on any eligible plan on the Hotlink RED app and receive Reward Points once the purchase has been successfully transacted, or claim free Reward Points daily just by logging in to the Hotlink RED app.
  3. You will be able to see your Reward Points earned and your progress on the “REWARDS” section of the Hotlink RED app.
  4. Once you have sufficient points, you will be able to redeem rewards from the Rewards Catalogue.

Through which channel must the purchase be made?

To get your Reward Points, you must make your purchase through the Hotlink RED app or Hero App.

When do I get my Reward Points?

Reward points are credited immediately upon successful purchase of any monthly pass above RM35. You can also claim Reward Points daily by logging in to the Hotlink RED app.

How do I redeem my rewards?

  1. Tap on the Rewards Catalogue on the Rewards Page.
  2. Tap on the type of reward you would like to redeem (MI Passes or Deals)
  3. For MI Pass Rewards:
    1. Passes will be activated immediately upon purchase.
    2. Only 1 pass can be activated a day.
    3. Status and expiry can be found on your Internet Balance page in the main menu.
  4. For Deals, Vouchers and Non-MI Pass Rewards:
    1. Click “Download Deal”
    2. Click the “Downloaded” tab to check on all your redeemed rewards.
    3. Click on the Reward to view its status, expiry and terms and conditions.
    4. Each reward may have different redemption methods, so read them carefully. Below are examples of some of the methods in which you may encounter when redeeming your rewards.
      • E-vouchers: Click on the merchant’s website link as provided on the reward page. Input the barcode at the checkout promo code field for redemption.
      • Merchant Retailers: Present the barcode to the merchant and get them to click on the “redeem” button. Barcode can only be used once, if it shows “redeemed” on screen, customer cannot redeem again even if customer accidentally presses the redeem button.
      • Couriered rewards: Hotlink’s Customer Service agent will call you and you must provide the barcode number to the CS agent. After verification has been done, you need to provide your address details and the reward will be sent over to you.

Click here for the terms and conditions.



SOS Top Up

What is Hotlink SOS Top Up Offers?

SOS Top Up offers is a service which will grant you credit when you are in need.

Who is eligible to use the SOS Top Up service?

In order to receive the SOS Top Up offer, you must meet the below requirement:

  1. Tenure 1 month and above
  2. Not applicable for Tablet, MVNO or Broadband plans
  3. Based on SOS Top Up eligibility criteria (eg. Top up and repayment history etc)

Are there any other charges incurred to use the service?

There is an additional service fee which will be charged upon your next topup. The credit granted as well as the service fee will be stated within your invite SMS.

Will my validity days be extended when I receive the credit from Hotlink?

Your validity will be extended depending on the amount of credit granted.

How do I request for an SOS Top Up offer?

You will be offered when your balance is low, or you have insufficient credit to complete a purchase. You will also be offered if your number becomes inactive.

Alternatively, you may perform an SOS Top-up request via *100# or RedApp.

How many times can I request for SOS Top Up?

You can request as many times as you require, as long as you pay back the outstanding balance and service fee.

How do I pay Hotlink back after receiving the SOS Top Up amount?

Upon subsequent top up, Hotlink will take back the credit granted, as well as the service fee, as stated within the offer SMS.

How will I know that Hotlink has taken the loan amount from my credit balance?

You will receive an SMS notification that the SOS Top-up service has deducted the amount from your balance.

What is Hotlink Auto-Credit SOS Top-up?

Auto-Credit SOS Top-up is an add-on service which will automate the credit process, so you don’t have to reply YES everytime you need some credit.

How do I subscribe to Hotlink Auto-Credit SOS Top-up?

You will get invited to this service upon after successfully accepting an SOS Top-Up offer.

How do I unsubscribe to Auto-Credit SOS Top-up?

Send OFFAUTO to 20505 to unsubscribe for this.

How do I turn off the SMS offers from SOS Top-up?

Send STOPSMS to 20505 to stop receiving our offers. To start receiving again, send STARTSMS to 20505.

Why is my friend getting offered RM10 while I only get RM3?

The amount will vary per subscriber, as the amount granted is based on their eligibility determined by Hotlink.

Why is my SOS Outstanding Balance not being deducted when I do a PostAid Top Up?

SOS Outstanding Balance will only be deducted when a top-up is done from the following methods:

  • Physical Topup Ticket
  • eReload
  • Bank Reload
  • MaxisPay Reload
  • Hotlink Website Reload
  • Hotlink App Reload 

I was given a SOS Top Up offer, and I replied “DATA”, then is fulfilled with SOS Internet offer instead. Why?

The SOS offer fulfilled is based on the keyword sent. Do ensure that you key in the correct keyword as below:

SOS Internet Data Pass DATA
SOS Top Up Credit YES, YA, RM, Y

I was previously able to use SOS Top Up. Why am I suddenly no longer eligible to use this service anymore?

Other than requirement for duration of Hotlink account, eligibility to use SOS Top Up service is also based on other criteria which may change from time to time; main criteria includes top up and repayment history. Do continue to top up with Hotlink to be eligible to use SOS Top Up or SOS Internet in future.

I am currently in FAST plan and in deactive status, will I be able to use Mobile Internet once I get SOS Top Up or SOS Internet?

No, SOS Top Up or SOS Internet fulfillment will not allow Mobile Internet usage in deactive status.



Free 20GB with HotlinkMU purchase

What is the HotlinkMU #StayHome?

Customers will enjoy 20GB internet for FREE with every purchase of  HotlinkMU ‘#StayHome’ Internet pass.

Where do I purchase the HotlinkMU ‘#StayHome’  Internet pass?

Login to Hotlink RED App, you will find the eligible ‘#StayHome’ passes in Shop> HotlinkMU, OR;

Dial *888# or *100# > 82.

Do I need to redeem the FREE 20GB internet pass after the purchase of a ‘#StayHome’ internet pass?

No, Free 20GB will be added automatically on quota of the purchased HotlinkMU #StayHome pass.

ie: 22GB will be activated for purchase of 2GB HotlinkMU ‘#StayHome’ pass

What is the allowed usage timeband or services/application for this FREE 20GB internet pass?

You can enjoy the FREE 20GB high speed internet for all streaming and downloads all day.

Click here for terms and conditions.


The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time.
Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.


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