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Alert: Beware of

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Frequently Asked Questions

5G Access Pass

  • The 5G Access pass gives you access to Malaysia's new 5G network and is available for selected Maxis Postpaid and Hotlink Postpaid rate plans.

    To enjoy 5G with the 5G Access pass, please ensure that:

    1. You are using a 5G capable device;
    2. You have a 4G LTE SIM. To check, just dial *100*8*5# from your phone;
    3. You have 5G settings enabled on your device;
    4. You are within 5G coverage. To check, click here
    • Hotlink Postpaid 30, 40 and 60
    • Maxis Postpaid 68, 98, 108, 128, 158, 188
      Maxis Unlimited Postpaid 68, 98, 108, 128, 158, 188
    • Maxis Postpaid Share 48
    • Maxis Family Plan 299, 399, 499
    • Maxis Family Plan Member and Additional Member 48
  • 5G Access pass is offered for FREE. The pass will be auto renewed at the beginning of your billing period monthly.

  • If you would like to experience 5G on your existing Maxis or Hotlink Postpaid rateplans, you can opt in for Maxis 5G Access pass on our Maxis app or Hotlink app

  • With the 5G Access pass, you can access 5G with your existing rate plan using your existing rate plan quota.

    We will recommend you to upgrade to the all-new Maxis Postpaid plans that gives you even more data, and extra bonus 5G data.

  • You can unsubscribe to the pass via the Maxis app or Hotlink app.

    Note: turning off 5G in your phone settings will not unsubscribe you from the pass. To unsubscribe, please go to Maxis app or Hotlink App.

  • There are no charges for the 5G Access Pass

  • The 5G access pass will be automatically deactivated when you upgrade to any of the new Maxis Postpaid plans.

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