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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Zerolution360 is a new zero worries phone membership program that allows you to fully enjoy the use of your smartphone with yearly upgrades and total device protection as an option.

    Zerolution360 is no longer available for subscription from 18 November 2021. You may get a new device on Zerolution or Normal Device Contract.

  • You may opt to recontract to a new device on either Zerolution or Normal Device Contract. 

    • If you have completed the 24 months contract on your current Zerolution360 contract, you can return your device and sign up for a new device contract on Zerolution or Normal Device Contract with Maxis. 
    • If you have not served 24-months, you will need to return your phone and pay device upgrade fee before signing up for a new contract on Zerolution or Normal Device Contract with Maxis.
  • We recommend you to sign up device ownership program on Normal Device Contract or Zerolution as Zerolution360 with upgrade feature is no longer available. 

    To find out more about Normal Device Contract or Zerolution, click HERE

  • Upon your upgrade, your commitment will restart with the new device that you have selected. You will then need to pay the monthly fee for your new device, which may differ from your first device.

  • With Safe Device:

    • You may proceed to submit for device claim before performing device upgrade. If you have reached your claim limit, there is still the option to pay an excess fee, hence the zero-worry experience as you do not need to replace the damaged device with another device at the full retail price.


    Without Safe Device (If you sign up for Zerolution360 from 29 Oct 2019 onwards and do not subscribe to Safe Device separately):

    • You will need to terminate your current Zerolution360 contract instead (device remaining balance charge and device non-return fee apply). You can then keep the device and sign up for a new Zerolution360 contract.
    • Month 13 onwards, you have the option to upgrade your device by returning your phone with device upgrade fee or continue paying for this program until you fulfill your 24-month commitment period.

    • Month 25 onwards, you may choose to upgrade your device by returning your phone in good condition without paying device upgrade fee or continue paying till month 30 to own your current device.

    • After month 30 onwards, no more monthly subscription and the phone is yours. Should you decide to terminate your subscription before the end of month 30, you will need to return your device to us in good working condition.
  • Zerolution360 subscribers are required to be in Zerolution360 program for 12 months (i.e. complete 365 days) to be eligible for device upgrade.

  • Yes, just return the device in good working condition and perform the free upgrade anytime during this period. The monthly fee paid from month 25 to month 30 is not refundable.

  • If you have a Safe Device subscription separately, you are covered for accidental damage, attended theft & quick turnaround times. For damage claims, simply call our Claims Hotline at 1800 886888 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 6.30pm).

  • With Safe Device:

    • Proceed to claim by providing a police report. The Claims Hotline is 1800 88 6888 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 6.30pm).

    Without Safe Device (Zerolution360 subscription after 29 Oct 2019 and no subscription of Safe Device separately):

    • In case your device is stolen, you wish to terminate Zerolution360 to get a new phone, you will be charged for device non-return fee and device remaining balance fee.
  • Recycling and sustainability is a key focus at Maxis. All returned devices will be restored to factory setting, then refurbished and reused.

  • You will own the device after 30 months of Zerolution360 subscription. 

  • Yes, you must return your device upon terminating your Zerolution360 subscription. A non-return device fee is applicable if you terminate and do not return your device to us in good working condition. However, you may own the device if you stay on Zerolution360 subscription for 30 months.

  • There is no additional charges, you are just required to pay for Zerolution360 subscription from Month 1 until Month 30.

  • Effective 29 Oct 2019, Maxis Safe Device Subscription is optional. For peaceful of mind, we strongly recommend you to sign up for Maxis Safe Device for a zero-worry experience.

    For Zerolution360 signed up prior to 29 Oct 2019, Safe Device is part of the subscription which cannot be unsubscribed.

  • If you terminate Zerolution360 within your 24-month commitment, your obligations are the remaining balance of your Zerolution360 and returning the device in good working condition.

    • Just return your device to Maxis in good working condition. No remaining monthly fee will be imposed. If you wish to keep the phone or unable to return the device in good working condition, you just need to pay a device non-return fee.
    • Termination within month 1 to month 24: You will have to pay off the remaining monthly fee (based on 24 months) in a lump sum (monthly fee x remaining months) and return the device in good working condition.
    • Termination within month 25 to month 30: Just return your device in good working order immediately. No device remaining balance will be charged.

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The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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