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5G Daily: 11 Ways 5G Changes the Way We Live

5G daily: 10 ways 5G changes the way we live

By now, you've probably heard whispers, or rather, loud exclamations about 5G. It's not just another ‘G’ in the series; it's a whole new world of spectacular speed, connectivity, and opportunities, taking us on a journey we've only dreamed of. It's a game-changer, and the game has already begun. You don't believe me? Let's dive in.

  • 5G is about 10 times faster than 4G in Malaysia. Imagine downloading a full-length HD movie in just a few seconds. That's the speed we're talking about!
  • 5G will minimise latency to virtually zero. This means faster load times and an end to buffering. Finally, we can bid farewell to those annoying loading screens.
  • 5G has the potential to connect 100 billion devices. That's every device you can think of, all talking to each other in real-time!

According to Ericsson Mobility Report, by 2025, 5G subscriptions are forecast to reach 2.8 billion (it's anticipated to reach 1.5 billion by end of 2023 alone). That's a staggering number!

OK, so, it's basically just a little faster, right? So, what? What's in it for you and me, and what does this really mean for everyone in our everyday lives? A lot, actually. The magic of 5G is set to revolutionise many industries - from healthcare to transportation, entertainment to education. Just think - autonomous cars, remote surgery, cloud gaming, live-streamed immersive AR/VR/MR experiences... it's all within our grasp now. The difference is night and day when you compare it to what's available a generation before. In fact, it's like trading in your old bicycle for a shiny new sports car!

How will 5G Change the Way We Work and Live?

1. Lightning Fast Downloads and Streaming

Picture this: You're about to dive into the latest blockbuster movie you've been dying to watch. With the magic of 5G, it's up and rolling in a snap - no more endless minutes of waiting. You're now live-streaming in ultra-HD, free from the tyranny of buffering and lag. It's a game-changing moment for your entertainment experience, catapulting 'buffering' into the annals of history. Yes, bingeing on your favourite K-drama episodes with zero frustrating waits!

2. Smarter Homes and Cities

Imagine your home, only smarter. With 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) devices can communicate seamlessly, making your home more efficient and comfortable. Imagine your refrigerator ordering milk for you when you're running low or your thermostat adjusting the temperature just how you like it when you're heading home. On a larger scale, 5G could power smarter cities with less traffic and pollution, with everything from traffic lights to utilities connected and communicating.

3. Unleashing the Full Potential of VR, AR and MR

5G can take Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to the next level. Experience immersive gaming, virtual tourism, or remote training in real-time with no lag. It's like being in the game or at the location, not just observing it through a screen. It's not just fun and games, though. AR overlays could guide surgeons during complicated procedures or help mechanics fix complex machinery.

And imagine walking into a store and instead of browsing through aisles or asking a sales person, you pull up your phone, turn on your AR application powered by 5G, and start shopping. The app recognises items in the store and overlays digital information - price, customer reviews, alternative options - right on your screen. You can even virtually "try on" clothes or "arrange" furniture in your house. Now that's what I call smart shopping!

4. Gaming on Steroids

Imagine a gaming world without lags, buffering or slow graphics. 5G delivers quicker game downloads and a zero lag, near zero latency gameplay experience. That’s not all, higher speed and bandwidth also means you get to enjoy mindblowingly high-resolution graphics and a lifelike audio visual gaming experience. Additionally, 5G delivers a better multiplayer experience, allowing for more simultaneous players without delays and lag.

Another benefit you will love is the ability to play high quality AAA gaming titles without high-end hardware, thanks to cloud gaming on 5G.

So, whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, get ready for a gaming experience like never before with 5G!

5. Autonomous Vehicles

5G can make fully autonomous cars a reality, communicating with each other and infrastructure to avoid accidents and optimise traffic. Just imagine sitting back and relaxing while your car takes you where you need to go. It's a stark contrast to 4G, which, by comparison, feels like playing an old video game with a laggy joystick. Pushing that thought even further: imagine your car operating as a driverless e-hailing vehicle during idle time. Literally raking in the cash for you when you're asleep! Far fetched? Not really, buddy.

6. Remote Healthcare and Telemedicine

With ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC) provided by 5G, surgeons can perform delicate procedures remotely. Patient monitoring can be more seamless and constant, leading to better care. It's like having a doctor's appointment from the comfort of your own home, rather than having to travel and wait in stuffy clinics.

7. Virtual Classrooms: The Future of Learning

Virtual classrooms are a game changer. With 5G, students can tap into a plethora of resources and engage with experts from around the globe, right from the comfort of their own homes. Imagine sitting at your kitchen table but feeling as if you're amidst the intellectual hustle and bustle of a lecture hall at a prestigious university. And just like what we've pioneered with Maxis eKelas, 5G can help make rich, quality interactive education accessible and free to all. Remember, education is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. That's the power of 5G!

8. Empowering Creators

5G can empower creators like never before. With faster uploads, creators can share high-quality content in real-time, reaching a global audience instantly. With wider bandwidth and a super high-speed connection, live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or TikTok will be silky smooth and in high-definition, too!

9. Spectacular Sports and Events Experience

With 5G, you can experience sports and events like never before. Get multiple camera angles, real-time stats, and AR/VR/MR experiences, all on your smartphone or headset. It's like having a front-row seat at every game, no matter where you are. Extending beyond merely watching the game, 5G puts the control in your hands, letting you decide how you want to experience the action. Want to switch to the goalie's perspective in a football game or see the track from the driver's seat in a Formula 1 race? With 5G, that's entirely possible. It's not just about consuming the content, it's about interacting with it, moulding it to fit your preferences and providing a personalised experience that was unthinkable with 4G technology.

10. Enhanced Emergency Services

5G can revolutionise emergency services. With faster and more reliable connections, emergency crews can coordinate better and save more lives. It's like having a direct line to a superhero, rather than waiting for a signal to go out. Imagine an ambulance equipped with 5G technology, streaming real-time patient data to the hospital while en route. Doctors would have all the details they need to prepare for the patient's arrival. Medical kits and emergency equipment could be deployed to remote and inaccessible locations via autonomous drones. That's the real superpower of 5G.

11. Efficient Energy Use

With better IoT connectivity, 5G can help optimise energy use, reducing our carbon footprint. Smart grids can balance energy demand and supply more efficiently. It's like having a smart energy assistant, constantly working to save energy and money.

12. Experience the Next Generation with Maxis 5G

In the radiant universe of 5G technology, our everyday gadgets evolve from being smart to brilliant. The advent of 5G is not just about faster speeds or optimising energy consumption alone, its biggest feat lies in its transformative potential of our lives.

Ready to step into the future? With Maxis 5G, it's not just here, it's smarter and more advanced than you've ever imagined. And just so you know, we’ve launched all-new Maxis Postpaid plans with 5G, from as low as RM79/month, which gives you 80GB of 4G/5G data or 40GB of 5G-only data. Enjoy 5G free for 30 days when you sign up for the 5G Access Pass on Maxis Mobile app.