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Satisfying your insatiable appetite for the Internet

You’re on the couch, smartphone in hand and earphones on. For the next hour or so, you’re thoroughly engrossed with your favourite shows on YouTube or Netflix. After which, you’re going to scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feed and click on random animals being cute clips or the latest video tag trends that will leave you in stitches and question humanity.

Malaysians love the Internet. And we cannot stop! Being an entertainment-hungry country1, we love to stream, surf, play games and share things on social media2.

Just look at the stats in recent years: The percentage of Internet users in Malaysia has increased from 76.9% in 2016 to 87.4% in 20183. We are actively hunting for the latest entertainment, with eight out of 10 (82%) people watching videos online every day[1].

Malaysians are also consuming a wider variety of content more than ever before – from catch-up videos or on-demand services, to free videos on YouTube and via social content that appears in our social media feeds. In fact, we don’t only want to watch professionally produced shows, but we tend to relate very much to videos made by ‘people like us’ or influencers, and interestingly, even brands1. Well, who doesn’t love a good festive season ad that tugs at the heartstrings?

In terms of Malaysians’ mobile app activities, messenger app usage is the highest at 96% with WhatsApp taking top spot, followed by watching videos at 95% with YouTube being the top app, mobile map services at 85%, mobile gaming at 73% and mobile banking at 66%[2].

The number of mobile Internet users to the total Malaysian population is 77%, as opposed to the global 52%2. It’s therefore not surprising that our country has among the highest mobile data users in the region as of the end of 2018, with more than 10GB of monthly data usage on average. Maxis’ own customers are consuming an average of 15.2GB per month, as at the third quarter of 2019.

Such figures shouldn’t really surprise us. The demand for richer content such as high-definition (HD) and ultra HD videos, as well as sophisticated online mobile games, is growing and driving higher demand for mobile data. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile are two games that come to mind, and they also command the highest number of active users and downloads in the country2.

Such big appetites for data, so many different ways to use data. How do you satisfy them all?

We want it our way

Mobile plans and unlimited data are no longer terms in telcos’ lingo today, rather it’s all about delivering products and services that add value to customers’ increasingly digital-driven lifestyles. It’s about getting what we want, when we want it, and how we want it.

It has become part of Maxis’ DNA to give customers the Unmatched Personalised Experience (UPE), where we cater to these unique needs by giving customers the freedom to choose things “our way”.

For instance, MaxisONE customers can use their data for their own consumption, or share it with anyone across all other phones and/or tablets. They can also use this pool while roaming overseas. MaxisONE Prime customers meanwhile can use unlimited mobile and fibre data for the whole family.

With Maxis TV just launched, you have a video entertainment service that offers premium video content from movies to TV shows that is affordable and flexible for everyone. The all-in-one platform is easily accessible through the MyMaxis, Hotlink RED and Flex apps, enabling customers to choose to watch whatever, however and whenever they want from as low as RM3/day, bundled with data.

Meanwhile, Hotlink customers have the freedom to choose 10GB on YouTube every month or 10GB for Facebook every month, and HotlinkMU offers five unique mobile Internet and other highly personalised and relevant deals every day on the Hotlink Red App.

Malaysians are truly digital natives and love consuming videos in all forms. We get it! People live in a world of converged connectivity where it’s so much easier having someone who can meet all their content and service needs.

Visit maxis.com.my and hotlink.com.my to start exploring options today.

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2 Hootsuite Digital Malaysia 2019

3 MCMC Internet Users Survey 2018



Celcom, Digi, Maxis sign definitive agreement to collaborate on fibre to base station for faster roll out to consumers

Celcom, Digi, Maxis sign definitive agreement to collaborate on fibre to base station for faster roll out to consumers

Celcom Axiata Bhd (“Celcom”), Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“Digi”), and Maxis Berhad (“Maxis”) announced that they have concluded a Definitive Agreement to jointly develop and share fibre infrastructure, allowing for faster and more efficient deployment of fibre backhaul to base stations and avoiding duplication of fibre infrastructure in the country. This collaboration will enable improved widespread of 4G connectivity to all Malaysians and increase the country’s fibre infrastructure in line with ambitions under the National Digital Infrastructure Plan (JENDELA), as well as preparing for tower infrastructure for a 5G future.

Maxis announces Chairman transition

Maxis announces Chairman transition

Maxis today announced that Raja Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Arshad bin Raja Tun Uda has decided to step down as Chairman of the Board of Maxis Berhad (Maxis) effective 22 April 2021, upon conclusion of the Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Raja Tan Sri Arshad served as Chairman of Maxis since its listing on Bursa Malaysia in 2009.

Maxis launches eKelas Usahawan to empower women entrepreneurs with greater digital adoption

Maxis launches eKelas Usahawan to empower women entrepreneurs with greater digital adoption

The reality is that digitalisation is no longer just a buzz phrase, but it has become an imperative for all walks of life as we head towards a more digital world. Recognising this immense potential and to create a positive, long-lasting impact, Maxis today launched eKelas Usahawan, a structured digital marketing programme to empower women entrepreneurs in rural communities to develop a stronger digital presence.