Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

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 Maxis Introduces Affordable High Speed Fibre Broadband Plans For All Malaysian Homes And Businesses

Leading a new era to mainstream fast fibre broadband, Maxis today launched its most affordable and worry-free fibre broadband plans for both consumers and businesses. Maxis’ no restrictions, ‘Always On’ propositions provide a superior Internet experience supported by advanced high speed fibre networks and even better services.

Both the new consumer and business fibre plans are available in speeds of up to 100Mbps, at prices 36% - 65% lower than previous similar plans. For consumers, the 100Mbps plan comes at RM129 per month, and 30Mbps at RM89 per month. Business customers meanwhile can take up the 100Mbps plan for just RM139 per month, and 30Mbps for RM99 per month, inclusive of business grade service options of ‘Always On’ and ‘peace of mind’ benefits.

The new home fibre plans come with unlimited Internet, allowing consumers to enjoy as much Internet access as they want, a dual-band WiFi router to maximize the higher broadband speeds, and Maxperts, Internet specialists who ensure the fibre experience starts right and stays right with end-to-end installation and assurance support. These new speeds enable high resolution streaming, simultaneous device usage, lag-free gaming, and more. The 100Mbps plan comes with unlimited voice calls and a free DECT phone, whereas customers who take up the 30Mbps plan can choose to add this feature.

The new business fibre proposition offers multiple business grade benefits – ‘Always On’ connectivity for complete business continuity, Maxperts technical support and a future proof business grade router which will enable additional speed upgrades as they become available, with the additional flexible option to choose multiple solutions add-ons based on their specific business needs. The 100Mbps package is a complete offering for any business that includes the above in addition to unlimited calls to all networks.

“Our worry-free proposition has been a mainstay in all our products and solutions, and we look forward to continuing this commitment to all our home broadband customers. With our unrestricted, no conditions, highly affordable plans, we have essentially opened up a new era of accessible fibre broadband for even more Malaysian homes. The future is about converged offerings, and we have the ability to offer both fixed and mobile to provide a total connectivity solution to our broadband customers,” said Dushyan Vaithiyanathan, Maxis Head of Consumer Business.

“In a digital world, connectivity is the lifeblood of any business particularly for SMEs and micro SMEs who operate in an extremely competitive space. This means they need the peace of mind of ‘Always On’ and a reliable connection 24/7. With the increasing reliance on web usage and cloud services, fibre connectivity with Maxis offers the best tool to any business so that they can operate, expand and grow with complete confidence. Our business fibre plans are therefore the right solution to future proof Malaysian businesses, as it allows them to focus on what matters most to them, which is running their business with the reassurance that their connection will never let them down. The underlying technology will be flexible enough to support them as their needs grow in the future,” said Paul McManus, Maxis’ Head of Enterprise.

Anyone can pre-register immediately for these irresistible plans. Simply visit, and fill in the webform. Existing Maxis customers can also move to these new plans by filling in the webform. The new plans will be available from 13 September onwards.

“We believe that broadband has a great future and we see a significant growth potential in this market. We welcome the Government’s initiative to enable the industry to offer more choices at competitive prices to consumers and businesses. Meanwhile, we will continue to invest in accessing available fibre networks in Malaysia and building our own where possible. We expect to secure access to even higher speeds in the coming months and when we do, we will make new plans available to our customers,” said Robert Nason, Maxis’ Chief Executive Officer.

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