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Alert: Beware of

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Empowering New Graduates and Students through Collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Pahang

eKelas Usahawan — Empowering New Graduates News Update 1

In our recent collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Maxis has demonstrated its commitment to supporting new graduates and current students in the university’s entrepreneurship program.

Through eKelas Usahawan (eKU), we empowered participants with valuable knowledge and skills in digital marketing that can benefit them in their future endeavours as well as make them more attractive to future employers. The knowledge gained from the session helped the participants in building their portfolio, showcasing their skills and projects, which can significantly enhance their chances of securing employment or freelance opportunities.

eKelas Ushawan — Empowering New Graduates News Update 2

For those participants interested in starting their own online businesses or doing online sales, the session provided essential guidance and strategies to market products or services online more effectively, attract customers, and drive sales.

Desanda Flowera Dwilla, a third-year student in Industrial Technology Management, said that she learned so much on how to leverage AI in digital marketing from the workshop. Running her own business in selling flower bouquet in the campus, she feels that the knowledge gained from eKU will help to accelerate her business to reach out to wider target audience.

While Ahmad Azizul Khalid, a first-year student in Civil engineering degree said, "This program is useful, interesting and relevant as it also includes the topic of AI and teaches how to use it in digital marketing. I find myself having more ideas on how to expand my business. I especially like the photography and photo editing modules, as I can immediately apply the technique in my digital marketing."