Network is more than just connectivity. It empowers you to do more. We are committed to advancing Malaysians with the
best of technology, be it 5G speeds, cloud solutions for enterprise, or just ensuring our network always works.

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The global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data, and analysis, Ookla's analytics and insights are used by operators, regulators, analysts and consumers as the benchmark for performance.

Award : 

  • Fastest mobile network

Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q1–Q2 2020. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

MCMC is the regulator for the converging
communications and multimedia industry in Malaysia, with the most recent assessment being the Network Performance Report 2019.


  • Best average speeds
  • Best peak speeds
  • Lowest latency
  • Lowest packet loss

The MEF 3.0 certifications demonstrate that the Maxis fixed network complies to the highest levels of testing and validation to ensure peace of mind.


  • Maxis Metro-E
    (Virtual Point-to-Multipoint)
  • Maxis Metro-E
  • Maxis Metro-E
    (Virtual Multipoint-to-Multipoint)
  • Maxis Metro-E
    (Virtual Point-to-Point)
  • Maxis Metro-E
  • Maxis Metro-E

Malaysia’s most advanced mobile and fibre network

Our trusted network covers 9 out of 10 Malaysians. Use our coverage checker
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As the No. 1 network, we aim to always provide you with the best experience.

Our network is committed to advancing the people, businesses, and the entire nation. Here's why we are trusted in Malaysia since 1995.

best network

The best network as awarded by experts.


The most extensive network with approximately 16,000km of fibre backhaul and coverage.

network traffic

The most advanced network that uses Artificial Intelligence to optimise network traffic.

network traffic

The largest network with the widest base of mobile and fibre users.

Experience the 5G future with our fully-optimised network.

5G for consumers

5G will change the way we interact with the world. From blazing fast speeds, to ultra-low latency, to enabling a whole array of autonomous applications.

Future ready network

Future ready network

Our network predicts and plans for peak and growing traffic by analysing data traffic patterns to understand what drives demand, then scales up network capacity when needed.

Always on network

Always on network

With our 5-point automated diagnostic system, we can predict hardware outages before they happen. We also use high-performance drones and A.I technology for precise, efficient network tower structural fault detection and prediction.

Optimised service assurance

Optimised service assurance

We deliver on our first call resolution promise with an integrated customer care dashboard that allows us to resolve network issues faster, with pro-active network notifications for earlier business contingency planning.

Energy efficient network

Energy efficient network

We optimise energy consumption by learning network usage patterns, then automatically tuning down the base station amplifier.

5G for enterprise

5G will reveal a whole new playing field of productivity and collaboration, by revolutionising the way businesses work.

Super resilient network

Super resilient network

Our intelligent traffic controller automatically reroutes to alternate data highways to ensure always-on connectivity.

Lowest latency network

Lowest latency network

The distributed intelligence of our network “brain” works faster to optimise for the shortest routes, thus minimising latency.

Enterprise-grade network

Enterprise-grade network

Our ever-growing suite of enterprise solutions addresses the mission-critical requirements of businesses with highly resilient, agile, and ready-to scale network services.

5G-ready infrastructure

5G-ready infrastructure

We have the widest fibre-optic footprint to mobile base stations, backed by our next-generation IP Network that supports 5G speeds, robustness, and latency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5G and what will it offer that we do not enjoy today?

5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile communication standards, superseding 4G technologies. What it offers:
  • 10x higher speeds than what 4G can provide today, and up to gigabit speeds for applications such as fixed wireless access.
  • Lower latency with almost real time feedback and almost no lag.
  • Capability of supporting billions of connected devices at the same time. Internet of Things are now becoming a reality. Eventually, we will see more applications to smart farming, smart utilities metering and smart cities.
  • Real-time sensitive online applications. For example, using robotics and haptic feedbacks, doctors will be able perform remote surgery despite being hundreds of kilometres away.

What makes the Maxis network 5G-ready today?
As Malaysia’s Internet demand increases and the nation prepares for 5G, Maxis has modernised the network through artificial intelligence and automation to prepare for tomorrow’s requirements while ensuring an optimal Internet experience for our customers today.
While awaiting spectrum allocation for the Malaysian environment, we’ve put 5G-ready network infrastructure in place in the following ways:

  1. Maxis has the widest fibre-optic footprint to mobile base stations in preparation for 5G rollout.
  2. Our Next-Gen IP Network ensures that our core and backhaul are ready to support 5G speeds,robustness and latency.
  3. Maxis provides the first commercial NB-IOT service in Malaysia – a 5G-like technology that allows businesses today to tap into advanced data analytics for valuable insights that enable cost savings, improved efficiency and new business opportunities.

When do we expect 5G to be available in Malaysia? Do I need to change my device/ SIM card to enjoy 5G connectivity?

  • We will certainly make announcement prior to 5G rollout. Currently, the spectrum to be used for 5G has not been determined by authorities.

  • We have begun making 5G compatible devices available.