Love to see your kids go out and play
but worry for their safety?

Introducing MaxisONE Kid – a specially designed postpaid plan paired with a kid-friendly watch to help you worry less while your child is out to play. With this, you'll feel as if you're right next to them, wherever they are.

Presenting the MaxisONE Kid Watch

Stay Connected

Watch comes with data and unlimited calls to 10 numbers on any network.

Keep Track Of Your Kid

With real-time location reports, one touch SOS call function and safety zone settings.

Fun Features

2-way calling and 0.3MP camera

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What do I get with MaxisONE Kid


  • Comes with a one (1) year contract.
  • Maximum of two (2) MaxisONE Kid supplementary lines per Principal Line.

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    So, where’s the nearest Maxis Centers I can sign up for MaxisONE Kid?

    How to set up the MaxisONE Kid Watch

    STEP 1

    Scan the QR code from the box to go to the App store.

    STEP 2

    Download the App.

    STEP 3

    Register for a New Account using your email address and select “Asia” as your region.

    STEP 4

    Click “Add Watch” & scan the QR code on your watch (each watch has a unique QR Code).

    Frequently Asked Question

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    What is MaxisONE Kid?

    MaxisONE Kid is a low entry rate plan solution catered to parents who would like to stay connected with their younger children.

    What do I get with MaxisONE Kid Plan?

    MaxisONE Kid comes with unlimited calls up to ten (10) numbers cross-network, 1 Kid Smart Watch and 500MB of data.

    Is my MaxisONE Kid data part of my DataPool™?

    No, the data of 500MB is allocated to MaxisONE Kid only and is not transferable.

    Who is eligible for MaxisONE Kid?

    MaxisONE Kid is open to customers on MaxisONE Plan 98 and above.

    How many MaxisONE Kid line(s) can I subscribe to?

    Maximum of 2 MaxisONE Kid lines per Account holder.

    How do I subscribe to MaxisONE Kid?

    Kindly visit a Maxis Centre to subscribe. You may refer to the list in the section above to find the nearest store to you.

    Can I use an existing MSISDN for MaxisONE Kid line?

    Yes, as long as there is no contract tied to the MSISDN.

    What is the Credit Limit & Deposit for MaxisONE Kid Plan?
    Rate Plan Credit Limit
    Local Foreigner
    MaxisONE Kid RM500 RM500

    Rate Plan Deposit
    Local Foreigner
    MaxisONE Kid n/a RM500

    What happens if I want to terminate contract within the 12-month period?

    You are required to pay the full cost of device ONLY based on the retail price. The amount will be calculated based on the number of months remaining on the contract.

    What happens if I terminate the contract after 12 months?

    No additional cost incurred once you have terminated your contract. You may also keep the Kid Smart Watch after your termination as well.

    How long is the warranty period?

    The warranty period is for 12 months.

    After I leave the store, where do I go if I have any issues with the Kid Watch?

    You can call Maxis Customer Service if you are facing any issues with MaxisONE Kid plan or Kid Smart Watch. However for all kid watch service related issues, please refer to this table. You MUST return to the same store you sign up for MaxisOne Kid for device replacement.

    Why do I need to go to a 3rd party service center when I got the Kid Smart Watch from Maxis?

    Our 3rd party service center have specifically trained personnel who will be able to address your concerns in an efficient and timely manner.

    What are the items covered under warranty?

    The items below are covered under warranty. However, this is subject to the assessment by our authorized 3rd party service center:

    • Problem with the loudspeaker for the Watch (ie: no sound)
    • Camera malfunction (ie : no picture)
    • Can’t press the Side Button (not applicable to any physical damages)
    • Display Module defective (no image appear)
    • Processor (not running)
    • Battery (ie: cannot make full charge)
    • Watch Buckle Loose (not applicable to any physical damages)

    What are the items not covered under warranty?

    The items below are not covered under warranty:

    • Any part of the mobile device was opended/ repaired by an unauthorized person
    • Damages occurred within 12 months of the warranty period due to customer's negligence
    • Damages occurred after 12 months warranty period
    • Damaged caused by
    • Moisture or liquid (water)
    • Proximity or exposure to heat
    • Accidents where mobile device is dropped into water/ washing machine
    • Water intact
    • LCD or handheld casing/body crack
    • Keypad came off
    • Damage to charging port pin
    • Strange object insert into SIM card slot
    • Leakage of battery
    • Malfunction due to usage of a non-approved accessories
    • Display Box (Egg) and all other items beside Kid Smart Watch

    What do I do if I lose/ damage my MaxisONE Kid SIM?

    You can go to any of the Maxis centers that carry the kid smart watch to get a SIM replacement. 

    What do I need to bring my Kid Smart Watch with me for SIM Replacement?

    Yes, you MUST bring your Kid Smart Watch with you for SIM Replacement.

    How long will it take for me to get a SIM replacement?

    If you go to a Maxis center, SIM replacement will be done immediately, however if you go to 3rd party service center, SIM replacement can take up to 5 working days.

    Do I need a new SIM card if my Kid Smart Watch has been replaced by 3rd part service center or I have purchased another Kid Smart Watch?

    Yes, you do. However the service center will be able to give you a new SIM card. To activate your new MaxisOne Kid SIM, please contact Maxis Customer Service

    What does the Find Friend feature on my kid’s watch do?

    Find Friend feature allows your kid to find other kids who have the same watch and allows them to pair their watches together.  

    I have notice that the Find Friend feature on my kid’s watch does not work

    Due to feedback from parents and security concerns, Maxis has decided to disable this feature. Therefore, for all kid watches that are purchased through Maxis stores, this feature has been disabled.

    Where is the designated service center?

    Please refer to the table for location of service centers.

    Does the Kid Watch come with an App?

    Yes, the Kid Watch has an app that you will need to download from the App Store or Google™ Play store. You will need to scan the QR code that is on the Smart Watch Box.

    What is the minimum version of Android/ iOS system that I need on my phone to ensure the App is compatible?

    You’ll need an Android 4.0 or iOS 7.0 to be compatible with the device.

    Is the MaxisONE Kid eligible for the MaxisONE World Pass?

    Yes, however roaming has been disabled for MaxisONE Kid. You will need to contact Maxis Customer Service at 123 from Parent Mobile to activate roaming. All roaming charges will be pay-per-use for Voice and SMS and Data will be RM38/MB. For more information on rate visit

    Terms and Conditions

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