Experience fibre-like speed anytime, anywhere.

Turn any location into your personal hotspot zone with Maxis 4G Pocket WiFi. Just connect with our 4G MiFi modem and enjoy high speed surfing with multiple devices connected at a time. Gone are the days of searching high and low for a WiFi hotspot or draining your smartphone’s battery and data to share WiFi.

Key features


15GB for everything and 15GB YouTube + TVNow.


Share WiFi
with multiple devices.


Use your data when you travel overseas. Only RM10/day.

4G Pocket WiFi – Create your own 4G WiFi hotspot anywhere

Pocket WiFi Pro
Data for Everything 15GB
Data Roaming RM10/day
(Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos)
Plan Only RM98
4G MiFi Modem* RM1

Pocket WiFi
Data for Everything 10GB
Data Roaming RM10/day
(Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos)
Plan Only
4G MiFi Modem* RM1

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Students' Special

RM1 for 4G MiFi modem

RM10 x 12 months rebate for Maxis Pocket WiFi Pro
Now only

*12-month contract applies to both Pocket WIFI plans with purchase of 4G MiFi modem.
**RM1 offer is only valid for MaxisONE customers from RM98/mth onwards. Non MaxisONE customers will have to pay device price of RM 99.

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Need a little boost?
Get these time based data boosters.

1GB Pass
1 day validity

5GB YouTube +TVNow Pass
5 days validity

3GB Pass
3 days validity

Download MyMaxis App to purchase and check data booster usage

Step 1
Open MyMaxis app and select your Pocket WiFi account.

Step 2
View your data usage.

Step 3
Select the Time Based pass you want to purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for Pocket WiFI and Pocket WiFi Pro plans?

These plans are available for new registrations, port-in, change of rate plan from existing Maxis postpaid plan and for Malaysians and foreigners non-Malaysians over the age of 18 years and above.

How many mobile plan(s) including Pocket WiFi plan(s) can I subscribe to?

Each customer can sign up for up to 5 plans including Pocket WiFi plan(s) per individual Identification Card (Malaysian IC)(per IC)/Passport.

How do I choose the Pocket WiFi plan?

You can choose your plan based on as follows: 

Pocket WiFi Pocket WiFi Pro
Monthly Fee RM78 RM98
All Day Data 10GB 15GB
TVNow + YouTube 10GB 15GB
Can I register a plan without modem?

Yes, we have a sim only plan. The data plans (without modem) are as below:

Pocket WiFi Pocket WiFi Pro
Monthly Fee RM78 RM98
All Day Data 10GB 15GB
TVNow + YouTube 10GB 15GB
Data Roaming in ASEAN (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos) ONLY RM 10/ Day to browse on domestic Data quota
Plan Only No Contract No contract
Maxis to Maxis Call 30 sen/ min
Maxis to Other Networks Call 30 sen/ min
Maxis to Maxis SMS 5 sen/ min
Maxis to Other Networks SMS 15 sen/ min

One month advance payment applies to all plans which will be refunded in the next bill.

Is the plan advance payment refundable?

No, but advance payment will be offset against the first month’s invoice & any balance will be carried forward to the following month.

Does Pocket WiFI or Pocket WiFi Pro plans come with call and SMS?

Yes, we have enabled call and SMS for these 2 plans; usage will be charged on pay per use and Charges rates are as below:

Maxis to Maxis Call 30 sen/ min
Maxis to Other Networks Call 30 sen/ min
Maxis to Maxis SMS 5 sen/ min
Maxis to Other Networks SMS 15 sen/ min
What are the Pocket WiFi plans that include modems?

Certainly! The Pocket WiFi and Pocket WiFi Pro Plans are offered in bundled with a modem with 12-month contract.

Speed of Pocket WiFi plans are on best effort basis. Speed depends on factors such as modem capability, location, coverage, distance from communications tower and number of simultaneous users. The typical average speeds for the 75Mbps 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi) are between 10 to 30Mbps; 21Mbps Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi) and PortaFi modems are between 1 to 5Mbps; 7.2Mbps USB modem are between 500kbps to 2Mbps.

What is the TVNow + YouTube Pass all about?

The Pocket WiFi Plans come with 2 types of data allocation:

  • The based data quota is for all usages
  • The TVNOW + YouTube quota is specially for streaming of YouTube, Netflix, iFlix, Viu, ErosNow, Tonton, Hopster and Lebara Play.
Please refer to http://www.maxis.com.my/en/personal/tvnow.html regularly for the latest updates on the video streaming service providers.

Where do I check the Maxis coverage area?

You can check the coverage area at http://www.maxis.com.my/en/personal/internet/maxis-network-map.html.

Alternatively, you can call our customer service at 1800 82 2000.

Do I need to pay any deposits?

Deposit only applies to non-Malaysians at RM500 per plan registration.

Will there be any contract for the Pocket WiFi plan(s)?

Yes, there is a 12 months contract for Pocket WiFi plan(s) with modem. There is no contract period if purchasing the SIM only plan option.

You may subscribe to any one of the Pocket WiFi Plans with either one of the following options:-

1)      SIM only

2)      Plan with a modem bundle, which comes with 12-month contract.

How much do I need to pay for a modem?

We provide you with a high performance LTE MIFI modem when you sign up for any of the Pocket WiFi plans. RM99 for the Pocket WiFi plan and RM1 for Pocket WiFi Pro plan (both plan with 12 months contract).

If I am an existing Maxis Wireless Broadbrand (WBB) customer, can I upgrade to the latest Pocket WiFi or Pocket WiFi Pro plan?

If you are an existing maxis Wireless Broadbrand (WBB) customer, you have to terminate your current WBB plan before signing up the new Pocket WiFi or Pocket WiFi Pro plans.

You will need to pay RM99 for the modem on Pocket WiFi plan and the modem is at RM1 on Pocket WiFi Pro plan. You will be contracted for 12 months.

Am I allowed to downgrade from Pocket WiFi Pro plan to Pocket WiFi plan?

No, you are not allowed to downgrade the plan. If you downgrad your plan, an early termination fee will be charged and is calculated based on [(Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – Upfront Cost) x (Remaining month(s) ÷ 12 months or 24 months)] + RM 100 administration fee.

What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for my Maxis Pocket WiFi service? What happens if I exceed my FUP?

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is to ensure all customers can get good browsing experience and to prevent abusers from hogging the bandwidth, which can impact other user experience.

If you have breached your allocated quota, your internet speed will be managed to ensure other users are not impacted.

How can I check my quota usage?

You can check your quota usage at MyMaxis App or Maxis Online Account or UMB (*100#) and accessible through your Mobile Phone, other available Devices or channels.

If my base quota depleted, can I continue to browse?

Yes, once your allocated internet quota finishes, the speed will be managed to a lower speed (64kbps) until your next billing cycle. To continue enjoying the Pocket WiFi Service at regular speeds, you may purchase time based passes (non-recurring).

How can I purchase time based pass?

You can purchase time based pass through your UMB, MyMaxis App or Maxis Online Account.

What is the available time based passes that I can purchase?

You may choose to purchase time based passes as offered below:

Price Quota Validity Usage
RM10 1GB 1 Day All day
RM25 3GB 3 Days All day
RM20 5GB 5 Days TVNow + YouTube
Can I use this service whilst roaming overseas?

Yes, you can use this service while roaming overseas however please note that the rates differ while roaming. To use the service, please ensure that your International Roaming service is activated.

How does the Data Roaming RM10/day works?

While roaming in these 8 ASEAN countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos), you are able to browse on domestic data quota according to the plan you signed up for by just paying RM10/day (expires at midnight of capital country time).

What are the charges for International Roaming calls and SMS?

Calls and SMS for International Roaming are charged based on your visiting country. You may refer to https://www.maxis.com.my/en/personal/services/addons/idd-and-roaming/international-roaming.html to find out more

What’s the difference between Wireless Broadband and Pocket WiFi?

The new Pocket WiFi and Pocket WiFi Pro come with better value in terms of total usable data quota. It does not split the data for peak & off peak. It is also the first Pocket WiFi service that offers dedicated TVNow + YouTube pass specially for video streaming purposes. It also provides affordable and better value time based passes.

Can I purchase the modem without contract?

Yes, you are allowed to purchase modem only without contract for RM299 (retail recommended price). 

If I browse YouTube while roaming in the 8 ASEAN countries, which pass will the quota draw from?

It will be drawn from your time based pass (if you have purchased the time based pass) then follow by your plan based quota.

I have fully utilized my based quota, can I use TVNow + YouTube quota for browsing non-video contents?

No, TVNow + YouTube pass is only allocated for streaming of Maxis preferred video streaming service providers and YouTube.

Who is eligible for Student Offer on PocketWiFi Pro?

The offer is available for students aged 18 and above signing up for a PocketWiFi Pro (RM98/mth) plan with the MiFi modem.

How long is the Student Offer campaign valid for?

The campaign starts on 6th April and will run for a limited amount of time.

Is Student Offer applicable on Pocket WiFi plan RM 78 as well?

No. Student offer is only applicable on PocketWiFi Pro (RM98/mth).

What do I need to provide as a proof that I am a Student?

You need to provide a personal identification document (Malaysian IC/Passport) and a valid student ID card with a matching name.

How would I get the Student Offer RM10/month rebate?

The RM 10 rebate/month will be waived from your monthly bill for a period of 12 months.

Where can I sign up for this Student Offer?

You can visit any of our Maxis outlets nationwide.

What is the maximum number of Student Offer I can sign up for?

Each name is only eligible to enjoy a maximum of 1 student offer.

Terms and Conditions

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