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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this offer about?

This is a limited-time offer with more devices being made available for RM1 when you take up a MaxisONE Share Plan at RM48/month.

Will I be tied to a contract if I sign up for this offer?

Yes, if you sign up for this offer then both your Principal Line and Share Line will each be contracted for 24 months.

For New New customers: If you sign up for this offer and take both a new Principal Line and a new Share Line, then both lines will be contracted for 24 months.

For un-contracted Existing customers: If you take this offer, then a 24 month contract will be applied to both your existing Principal Line and also to your new Share Line.

For Existing customers with Principal Line contract: If you already have an existing Principal Line with a contract, and are just adding a new MaxisONE Share Plan, then you will need to re-contract your existing Principal line or sign up with a new Principal Line and a share line in order to take up this offer. Both your Principal Line and Share Line will be contracted for 24 months.

How do I enjoy this offer?

In order to enjoy this offer, just go to any Maxis Centre and participating Maxis Dealer to sign up for your new MaxisONE Share Plan at an additional RM48/month.

If you do not already have a Maxis Principal Line, then you must also sign up for a new Maxis Principal Line with a MaxisONE Share Plan. You may choose from any of our MaxisONE plans, which start from as low as RM98/month.

You must have both a MaxisONE Principal line + a MaxisONE Share Plan to be able to enjoy this offer.

Can I get the rebate on my existing Share line?

There are no rebates available as part of this offer.

What happens if I decide not to continue contract for my share line?

Should you choose not to serve the full contract period for your MaxisONE Share Plan, then a decreasing penalty fee of RM48 x 24 months will be applicable.

What happens if I continue contract for my shareline but terminating contract for my principle line?

Your Principal line is also contracted, and thus should you wish to terminate this then you will be subject to a penalty fee.

I do not need additional share line, but I would like to sign up RM1 offer. How?

If you do not need an additional Share Line, then you can still sign up for other RM1 phone offers. The range of devices available is dependent on your rate plan, and there are RM1 device options from as low as our MaxisONE 98 plan.

We are updating this range of phones constantly, so do check out what we currently have on offer for your rate plan.

Can I change rate plan for my principle/ share line after signed up device contract?

You are welcome to upgrade your Principal line to a higher plan after you have signed up for a device contract, however you must serve the full contract for your Share Line or a penalty fee will be triggered.

Do note that your Principal device contract will continue if you decide to upgrade your plan, but a penalty fee will be applicable should you choose to downgrade or cancel your lines.

Terms and Conditions

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