About RM1 Roaming Contract Upgrade

What is the upgrade for RM1 Roaming Contracts about?

For an improved data roaming experience RM1 Roaming Contracts will come with 20GB monthly data roaming pass, which allows you to data roam on high-speed Singapore or 8 ASEAN countries. With the 20GB, you no longer need to use your data from your DataPool from your MaxisONE Plan. There is no change for the unlimited free calls and SMS that you are currently enjoy.

Current New
  • Daily FREE 500Mb; Unlimited draw from domestic quota
  • Unlimited calls & SMS (both incoming and outgoing)
  • Monthly 20GB high speed data; throttled
    @ 1MBPS upon depletion and will be
    refreshed on your bill cycle.
  • Unlimited calls & SMS (both incoming and outgoing)

RM1 Roaming Contracts are:-

  • RM1 Roaming Singapore
  • RM1 Roaming ASEAN (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand)

When will the upgrade take effect?

This upgrade will take effect on 5 March 2020 for customers who sign up or renew their RM1 Roaming contract from 5 March 2020 onwards. For existing customers with valid contract on 13 April 2020, they will start enjoying the 20GB monthly data roaming pass.

Will my remaining RM1 Roaming contract tenure be impacted by this upgrade?

No, the tenure of your existing contract remains.

If I am roaming during the upgrade, will my service be interrupted?

No. You can roam as usual.

What happens after I’ve fully utilized the 20GB monthly data roaming pass?

After you have fully utilised the 20GB, your will roam at a reduced speed at 1Mbps.

How do I check my usage for 20GB monthly data roaming pass?

You can check the usage and renewal on MyMaxis App; in addition to that, you will be notified by SMS when you reach 80% and 100%.

Can I stay on the previous RM1 Roaming for option to use data off my DataPool?

With this upgrade, this old feature will cease.

Where can I get more details on the new terms & conditions?

You may read the updated terms and conditions.


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