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What if I just need to make a call or two when I’m abroad?

No worries. We have a few safety tiers in case of accidental usage or if you just want to use minimal when you travel.

Tiers in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam:-
Tier 1: RM10 - Call(s) less than 3 mins, send 1-3 SMS, use less than 256Kb of data; and
Tier 2: RM38 - Call(s) more than 3 mins, send more than 3 SMS, use more than 256kb of data

However, there are different tiers for Singapore, as below:
Tier 1: RM5 – Call(s) less than 1 min, send 1-5 SMS, no use of data at all;
Tier 2: RM10 – Call(s) between 1 min to 5.59 mins, send 6-15 SMS, use less than 128kb of data and
Tier 3: RM38 – Call more than 6.00 mins, send more than 16 SMS, use more than 256kb of data. 

(Note: Charging block for voice is 60 seconds)


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