Read about the updates to the 1GB FREE offer

Read about the updates to the 1GB FREE offer


Charges and Bill Breakdown for MaxisONE World

How am I charged for MaxisONE World?

With MaxisONE World, you will only be charged at a maximum of RM38/country/day.

Why do I see a charge of RM10 & RM28 in my bill instead of RM38?

Our charges are based on the tiered usage. The first 2 minutes of calls, for example, will only cost you RM10. If you happen to use more than that, you’ll be charged RM28 additionally, and you can use unlimited calls, SMS and data on that day.

Singapore charges will be reflected in your bill as RM5 for 1 min call + RM5 for additional 5 mins call + RM28 for unlimited. 

I did not use much data, how come am I charged RM38?

If you exceeded 256Kb data, you’ll be automatically subscribed to the MaxisONE World Pass. You will get a notification SMS when your pass is activated. Our advice? Enjoy your unlimited calls, SMS and data (500MB + MaxisONE plan data). Just use your phone like back home.


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