How to Activate FamilyRoam

How do I subscribe to Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

No manual subscription is required. You just need to make/ receive calls, send SMS, or use data (via webpages, apps, and all other platforms) to trigger Maxis FamilyRoam pass automatically.

What is the minimum usage to trigger Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

All subsequent principal or share line(s) will automatically enjoy the benefits of Maxis FamilyRoam pass after the first line activates MaxisONE World pass.

How do I know if my family line(s) may roam for free with Maxis FamilyRoam pass?

Your family line(s) travelling to the same country will receive an SMS notification offering FREE roaming after the first line activates MaxisONE World pass.

Do I need to do anything to get my family line(s) to roam for free?

No, once the first line has activated MaxisONE World pass by using roaming, the rest of the family line(s) traveling together will be notified that they are entitled to free roaming.


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