Kid Nanny

About Kid Nanny

What is Kid Nanny?

Kid Nanny is a Parental Control service brought to you by Maxis.

How does it work?

You will have to download one Kid Nanny Parent Application on to the parent's device and One Child Application on to the child's device at a minimum for each activated subscription. Below are the features of this service.

Kid Nanny Parent Application

  • Allows parent to manage both parent application & children application.
  • Enables parent to manage multiple child applications from a single parent application.
  • More than 1 parent can register to use the same parent application.
  • Enables viewing and extracting a report of a child’s device usage.
  • Allows parent to control a child’s usage by disabling device after a set time.
  • Allows parent to block access of supported applications in child’s device based on day and time.
  • Enables different settings for different child applications.

Kid Nanny Child Application

Enables two way communication with parent application with respect to requested actions and actioned requests.
Auto blocks any application or website that the child is restricted from accessing.



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