Device Trade In Program (17 Apr 2017 to 31 May 2019)

How did this program work?

Under program, you could trade in old working device for rebate and get a new phone from Maxis under Normal Device Contract or Zerolution.

  • For Zerolution, you would enjoy the rebate starting from your first bill for 24 months.
  • For Normal Device Contract, the rebate was used to reduce the device upfront payment.

If you had enrolled for this program prior to expiry, you can still enjoy the Trade Inrebate until your contract expires.


What happens if I opt out of MaxisONE Plan after I have purchased my new phone under this Trade In Program?

If you signed up for Zerolution, you will be charged a remaining balance of your Maxis Zerolution fees for leaving MaxisONE Plan. Your trade in value will be forfeited.

If you signed up for Normal Device Contract, you will be charged a penalty for leaving MaxisONE Plan. However, your trade in rebate will not be affected.


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