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Contract Obligations for 2 Phones at One Price Bundle

What happens if I continue the contract for my share line but terminatethe contract for my principle line?

Your principal line is contracted, so should you wish to terminate your principal line andits contract you will be subjected to penalty. Your share line has to be terminated orchanged to a principal rate plan.

In case you terminate your share line, you will be subject to a RM48 x 24 monthsreducing penalty. Payment of the early termination charge is payable by you in additionto all monies owed to us up to the time of early termination.

What happens if I decide not to continue my share line contract after I takethe Zerolution offer?

Should you choose not to serve the full contract period for your MaxisONE Share line,then a decreasing penalty fee of RM48 x 24 months will be applicable.

Can I change the rate plans for my principal or share line after I have signed upwith a device contract?

You are welcome to upgrade your principal line to a higher plan after you have signedup for a device contract, however you must serve the full contract for your share line ora penalty fee will be applied.

Do note that your principal Zerolution contract will continue if you decided to upgradeyour plan, but a penalty fee will be applicable should you choose to change to a lowerrate plan or terminate your lines.

Can I change my share line’s rate plan to any available principal rate planwithin the contract period? 

Yes, you are welcome to upgrade your share line to any MaxisONE Plan during thecontract period. Once you have converted it to a principal line, you will not be able tochange it back to a MaxisONE Share supplementary line within the contract periodwithout triggering the penalty.

Can I transfer my share line to different owner when the line is contracted?

Your contract has to be terminated before you transfer the line ownership to anotherperson. Termination of contract during the contract period will trigger the RM48 x 24months reducing penalty fee.


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