Free 3 Months Zerolution


About Free 3 Months Zerolution

What is this offer about?

We are offering 3 months FREE Zerolution installment for eligible customers whose lines were not contract before.  

Who is eligible for this offer?

To enjoy this offer, the owner and the line must meet the following criteria:-

  • Owner must meet the device contracting and Zerolution criteria;
  • The line must be new or existing mobile line which has never contracted before;
  • Applicable for supplementary line or share line with upgrade to principal rateplan;
  • Newly ported in line which also meet the criteria above;
  • Offer is not transferable to another person or line;
  • Sign up for Zerolution within the promotion period.

How do I enjoy this offer?

Visit your nearest Maxis Store to find out our latest device offer, check your eligibility and sign up for device with Zerolution if you are eligible.

If I sign up for Zerolution with my Share Line, am I eligible for this offer?

ONLY Zerolution on principal line is eligible to enjoy 3 months FREE Zerolution. You may upgrade your share line to principal line and sign up for Zerolution to enjoy this.

What happens if I decide not to continue & terminate my Zerolution contract before its expiry?

Should you choose not to serve the full contract period, the remaining balance for your device will be charged. The device remaining balance is calculated as follows: [(Recommended Retail Price (RRP) ÷ 24 months] x Remaining month(s)].

I already have an existing MaxisONE Plan. Does this make me eligible for the Promo?

Your line with MaxisONE Plan is eligible for the promo if it has never signed up with a device contract.

Can I transfer my Principal Line to a different owner when the line is contracted?

If you wish to perform  a transfer of ownership, you will need to terminate your contract. This will trigger a penalty fee.

I don’t want to take a Zerolution contract, but I still want to get this offer. Can I take this offer with a normal contract?

The offer for 3 months FREE Zerolution is only available for Zerolution contract, and is not available if you choose to take other contract types.

However you can still choose to take a device with a normal contract to enjoy discounts on your device.

When will 3 FREE Zerolutions be reflected in my bill?

If you and your line is eligible, you will receive 3 rebates for your Zerolution monthly installments and It will be in your bill from the 1st or 2nd bill onwards; this is subject to the date you sign up for this offer and your bill cycle.


The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time.
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