The first family plan
offering every line
the latest smartphones

Sign up for MaxisONE Share today.

Now it’s easier for everyone in the family to own the best smartphones

The days of smartphones only being available for principal lines are over. 
With the new RM48/mth MaxisONE Share plan, you can now choose to get any Zerolution phone 
for each Share Line on the lowest monthly plan in town. 

Choose from the latest range 

Get flagship phones from Samsung, Huawei, and many more. 

Zero upfront payment

No upfront payment and no credit card needed for all Share Lines.

Up to 5 new smartphones

For you and everyone in your family.

That’s not all, you’ll still enjoy 
everything you love about
MaxisONE Share

High-speed internet on the No.1 4G Network 
Enjoy 20GB of superfast browsing and streaming monthly.

Unlimited calls and texts
To all local networks, for all Share Lines.

Free family roaming
Everyone on your plan will enjoy FREE FamilyRoam
in all ASEAN countries.

Maxis Deals 
Each Share Line can enjoy “Buy 1 Free 1” deals & discounts
for dining, shopping, hotels, and more.

Here’s how MaxisONE Share offers the best value

iPhone XS 64GB

RRP: RM4,999
  Plan Price Device Price Total Monthly Cost
MaxisONE Share RM48/mth
RM208/mth RM256/mth

Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB

RRP: RM3,699
  Plan Price Device Price Total Monthly Cost
MaxisONE Share




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zerolution?
Maxis Zerolution is a smartphone program that allows you to purchase a device with RM0 upfront payment and pay your phone over 24 monthly payments at 0% interest. 

This program is for Malaysians only. We allow principal lines on MaxisONE Plan and MaxisONE Prime plans and its family lines on MaxisONE Share to sign up Zerolution. 

Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details. 

Can my share line on MaxisONE Share 48 enroll for Zerolution? 
Effective 13 June 2019, Zerolution is also offered to your family lines. Other rate plans with Zerolution are MaxisONE Plan 98, 128, 158, 188 and MaxisONE Prime 98, 128, 158 and 188. 

*Only one device contract is allowed for principal line on MaxisONE Plan 98 and MaxisONE Prime 98. MaxisONE Plan 98 which is within contract can upgrade to higher rate plan in order to enroll its share line on Zerolution.

How would I know if I am eligible for Maxis Zerolution?
For existing Maxis customers with Maxis Online Account, you can log in to our Online Store to check your eligibility. Alternatively, you can walk in to any of our stores and enquire about your eligibility.

Why Maxis does not offer Zerolution Annual Upgrade anymore?
Annual upgrades are offered on a promotional basis with Zerolution, this offer is currently not available with Zerolution. If you are interested in upgrading your phone annually, we recommend signing up with Zerolution360.

Since Zerolution Annual Upgrade is no longer available, is there any other available program where I can continue to change my phone after 1 year?
if you wish upgrade your phone yearly, we suggest you to check out Zerolution360. If you are interested in upgrading your phone annually, we recommend signing up with Zerolution360.

I wish to cancel my Zerolution contract, what should I do? 
We are sorry that you are cancelling your contract; please walk in to Maxis Store and we will assist you accordingly. 

Tip: You will have to pay off the remaining device balance which is equivalent to the [(Recommended Retail Price (RRP) ÷ 24 months)] x Remaining month(s)]. Any Zerolution Annual Upgrade fee that you have paid will not be reimbursed.

Click here to read full terms and conditions.