Read about the updates to the 1GB FREE offer

Read about the updates to the 1GB FREE offer


Say goodbye to sharing
one roaming hotspot

And hello to FREE family roaming.

Here's how it works

Any one of you activates MaxisONE World pass at RM38/day.
All Share Lines under the same account will enjoy unlimited roaming for FREE with Maxis FamilyRoam pass.

Why Maxis FamilyRoam?

Unlimited data, calls & SMS

In addition to 500MB/day while roaming, your family enjoys unlimited use of your data pool and unlimited calls and SMS (both incoming and outgoing).

Available in more than 10 countries

Roam in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Just turn on & roam

No sign-up required.

For all postpaid users

Available for MaxisONE Plan, MaxisONE Share, and MaxisONE Prime subscribers.

Here’s where your family can roam!

How to enjoy Maxis FamilyRoam pass:

  1. Your principle line and supplementary line(s) travel to the same country.

  2. Either a principal line or a supplementary line turns on data roaming to activate Maxis FamilyRoam pass for RM38/day.

  3. All the lines can then turn on their data roaming to automatically enjoy FREE roaming with Maxis FamilyRoam pass.
    If you have more questions about Maxis Family Roam, please dial 123 within Malaysia or *123# free of charge if you are abroad.

Get more benefits with MaxisONE.
Sign up for supplementary lines at only RM48/month.

Select a plan below to find out more.

Unlimited calls & SMS.

Additional 20GB monthly
(10GB for DataPool and 10GB for the Share Line).

Endless high-speed data, calls & SMS.

Endless high-speed data,
calls & SMS.

Zero downtime home Internet.

Home and mobile devices
with zero upfront payment.

Assistance and 24/7 support
by Maxperts.

Assistance and 24/7 support by Maxperts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Maxis FamilyRoam?

All subscribers of MaxisONE Plan and MaxisONE Prime 98/128/158/188 (including MaxisONE Sabah/Sarawak Plans) with Share Lines (on MaxisONE Share) are eligible to enjoy Maxis FamilyRoam.

What is the charge for Maxis FamilyRoam pass?
With Maxis FamilyRoam pass, you will only be charged at a maximum of RM38/country/day for your entire family who roam with you.

What is the difference between MaxisONE World pass and Maxis FamilyRoam pass?
MaxisONE World pass and Maxis FamilyRoam pass are available in the same countries. When roaming alone in these countries, you will enjoy MaxisONE World pass which gives you unlimited calls, SMS, 500MB additional data, and access to your domestic data quota. If your family line(s) roam with you, Maxis FamilyRoam will allow them to enjoy the same benefits at no additional cost.  

How do I subscribe to Maxis FamilyRoam pass?
No manual subscription is required. You just need to make/ receive calls, send SMS, or use data (via webpages, apps, and all other platforms) to trigger Maxis FamilyRoam pass automatically.

How does Maxis identify if the line(s) belong to the same family?
Principal and Share Line(s) under the same account and share a DataPool are considered a family. Both principal and Share Line(s) can activate RM38/day roaming for the entire family when they are travelling together in more than 10 countries.

Does the principal line need to travel with the other family line(s) to enjoy free roaming with Maxis FamilyRoam pass?
No, the other family line(s) can travel without the principal line and enjoy free roaming with Maxis FamilyRoam pass after the first family line has activated MaxisONE World pass.

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