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Terms and Conditions

Get Your New Galaxy Campaign


A. Introduction 

  1. The Get Your New Galaxy Campaign ("Campaign") is organised by Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd ("Samsung" or “Organiser”).
  2. The sale transaction in the Campaign is between the Participating Outlets and Consumer. Samsung only provides the recommended retail price ("RRP") and redemption guidance on this site.
  3. Customer agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions when accessing or using this site. The scope of these terms and conditions is limited to Samsung’s role of hosting this site and organising this Campaign only

B. Campaign

  1. This Campaign is applicable to eligible Customers who have purchased any of the eligible models listed in the Appendix from Participating Outlets to receive a Samsung Car Charger (“Free Gift”).
  2. Redemption of the Free Gift shall be limited to the 1st 8,000 customers only, on a first come first served basis and while stocks last. 
  3. Redemption of the Free Gift shall be limited to ONE (1) per customer invoice.
  4. The purchased device must be FOTA activated within 7 days from the date of purchase stated on the customer invoice to be entitled to the Free Gift.
  5. Below are the steps to redeem the Free Gift:
Step 1  Login to the RMS portal ( and register/sign in to Customer’s Samsung Account. 
Step 2

Fill in the required information and upload the proof of purchase/invoice with device IMEI and invoice date stated. 

All redemptions must be submitted from 12:00am, 11th June 2021 (Friday) onwards and before or on 11:59pm, 11th July 2021 (Sunday). Submissions with incomplete evidence will be rejected and Customer will be required to resubmit the redemption request.

Step 3 Upon approval of submission, the Free Gift will be delivered to Customer within 30 working days after the end of the Campaign.
  1. Submissions with dealer’s address as the delivery address will be deemed invalid and Samsung reserves the right to reject the submission in this case.
  2. Customers will be eligible to participate in other campaigns available in tandem with this Campaign.

C. Participating Outlets 

  1. Maxis online store:
  2. Celcom online store:
  3. U Mobile online store:

D. Campaign Period

  1. The Campaign Period will be from 12:00am, 11th June 2021 (Friday) to 11:59pm, 30th June 2021 (Wednesday)
  2. Samsung reserves the right to shorten, extend or cancel the Campaign Period without prior notice.

E. Eligibility

  1. The Campaign is open to all Malaysian Citizens of 18 years old and above (during Campaign Period) with Malaysia Identity Card; except Samsung's employees (and their immediate families), its related agencies, retailers and dealers.

F. Payment

  1. Customer acknowledges, understands and agrees that all transactions are between Customer, iPay88 and Participating Outlets only. Samsung only acts as the coordinating party and is not involved or a party of any monetary/sale and purchase of this Campaign.
  2. The full payment made for the order is strictly not refundable and/or transferrable.

G. Customer's Covenants 

  1. In connection to this Campaign, Customer will not use this site:
  1. To submit fraudulent order, false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libellous information;
  2. To distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm Samsung, or the interests or property of other users; 
  3. To export the unit purchased except in compliance with the export control laws of relevant jurisdictions and in accordance with posted rules and restrictions; 
  4. In the event Samsung suspects or discovers that the Customer is abusing this Campaign and/or Samsung in any of the ways mentioned above or otherwise, Samsung may, at our sole discretion, take necessary steps to prevent and mitigate such abuse such as limiting, suspending, or terminating the Customer's user account(s) and access to this site, delaying or removing hosted content, removing any special status associated with Customer account(s), reducing or eliminating any discounts, and taking technical and/or legal steps to prevent Customer from using this site.

H. Limitation of Liability

  1. Samsung uses its reasonable effort to keep its site safe, secure, and functioning properly, but Samsung does not guarantee the continuous operation of or access to this site.
  2. Customer agrees that he/she is making use of this site at his/her own risk, and that it is being provided to Customer on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. 
  3. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Samsung excludes all express or implied warranties, terms and conditions including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. 
  4. Customer shall assume full responsibility in case of any accident, damage or claim resulting from participating in this Campaign. 
  5. Customer shall be deemed to be able to perform legally binding contract upon his/her submission of the pre-order and there shall not be any refund or costs whatsoever arising from his/her violation of the minimum age stated herein. 
  6. Warranty of the Eligible Device is subject to standard product warranty coverage as per terms and conditions stated in the official corporate website at Customer is advised to check the website from time to time and stay informed for any changes on the terms and conditions of the warranty.
  7. . All transportation, personal costs and/or any other costs, fees and/or related expenses arising out of the collection of the phone are the Customer's sole responsibility. 

I. Indemnity

  1. Customer will fully indemnify and hold Samsung (and our affiliates and subsidiaries, and our and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents) harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by himself/herself or any third party due to or arising out of his/her breach of these Terms and Conditions, improper use of the site or breach of any law or the rights of a third party. 

J. Privacy

  1. By providing Customer's personal data, Customer is indicating that he/she has read, understood and agreed that his/her personal data will be recorded, stored or otherwise processed in accordance to Samsung's Privacy Policy available at

K. Delivery

  1. The fulfilment and delivery of the Free Gift is handled by Samsung SDS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“SDS”)
  2. Samsung reserves the right to appoint a third party (3rd) party vendor or service provider to handle the fulfilment or making available of the Free Gift and delivery of the Free Gift to you. By providing your personal information including name, delivery address, contact numbers, email address and other information to Samsung, Samsung can use and/or disclose to such third party (3rd) party vendor or service provider for the purposes of delivery service.
  3. To accept the Free Gift, the Customer or the authorised representative or the recipient are required present identification, i.e. NRIC or Passport to the delivery personnel, failing which the delivery personnel have the right to refuse delivery and will return the product to Samsung as “unclaimed”. 
  4. . The proof of delivery of product must be in the form of written acknowledgement of receipt of the product by the customer, the authorised representative or the recipient. If the delivery address is an office address, an acknowledgement by any office staff will be treated as good acknowledgement of the item.
  5. The time for delivery of the product is between the Customer and SDS. Samsung shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the Free Gift howsoever caused. 
  6. Samsung shall not be held responsible for lost deliveries resulting from wrong information entered by winners or Participants.

L. General 

  1. In the event Customer have queries with regard to the Campaign, please call Samsung helpline at 1-800-22-8899 for clarification.
  2. Samsung reserves the right to make amendments to the Terms and Conditions of the Campaign herein without prior notice.
  3. The Free Gift in this Campaign is not redeemable for cash, not exchangeable, transferable, or refundable, and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers at the Campaign.
  4. Samsung reserves the rights to change or replace the Free Gift with products of similar value without prior notice.
  5. All pictures and/or images of the Free Gift found in any advertising and marketing materials are for illustration purposes only and may be different from the actual products.
  6. Samsung reserves the right to disqualify any submissions for the Free Gift redemption in the event of violation of any of the Terms and Conditions.
    1. This includes each email address/recipients’ name/recipients address/mobile number is limited to a maximum of THREE (3) submissions.
    2. Providing that all proof of purchase/receipt is valid, Samsung reserves the right to reject the redemption if the receipt address is a Samsung Partner’s outlet address.
  1. Samsung shall not be liable for any failure on the part of the Customer who fails to submit OR resubmit complete required documents for the redemption within the stipulated timeline and/or required documents within the stipulated timeline and/or delivery cannot be performed due to wrong or inadequate details provided.
  2. Samsung shall reject Customer redemption when required documents is not complete. Resubmission is allowed only if within the stipulated timeline & while redemption stocks last
  3. Samsung reserves the right to reject incomplete forms; reject the redemption without notice if Samsung suspects the redemption to be fraudulent. 
  4. The submission of redemption form is considered as eligible entries if the following three (3) requirements have been fulfilled: 
    1. Purchaser’s personal details stated in the Redemption Form are complete, genuine and accurate;
    2. A scanned copy of the original invoice/receipt with model code and serial number attached therewith;
    3. The receipt issued under the name of the purchaser
  1. In the event of any discrepancies between the information that Customer has submitted with regards to the redemption of the Free Gift and for any reasons whatsoever, Samsung shall not be responsible for any loss or costs arising from such discrepancies howsoever caused. 
  2. In case of any dispute, Samsung reserves the right to make the final decision and shall have the right to cancel, disqualify the order or forfeit the deposit necessarily.
  3. By participating in this Campaign, Customer fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts Samsung's Privacy Policy as stated above, and the Terms and Conditions.
  4. By registering an account for the Free Gift redemption, Customer agrees to grant Samsung and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensees, directors, officers, agents, independent contractors and advertising/promotion agencies the use of his/her full details submitted through the Campaign, without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.
  5. In the event of an electronic, computer, operational and/or technical error affecting the details or pricing or quantity of the product or any promotion on the website, Samsung reserves the absolute rights to rectify such error and/or cancel any transaction which has been entered into in reliance of the said error. 
  6. In the event of inconsistencies between the Terms and Conditions found elsewhere with regard to this Campaign (if any) and the Terms and Conditions herein, the latter shall prevail.
  7. These Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and the jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.


Full list of eligible models for the Campaign.

Promotional Products Basic Code RRP (RM)
Galaxy Z Flip  SM-F700FZDDXME Galaxy Z Flip (GOLD) SM-F700F/256D 3999
SM-F700FZKDXME Galaxy Z Flip (BLACK)  SM-F700F/256D 3999
SM-F700FZPDXME Galaxy Z Flip (PURPLE) SM-F700F/256D 3999
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G  SM-F916BZKAXME Galaxy Z Fold2 5G (BLACK) SM-F916B/256 6999
SM-F916BZNAXME Galaxy Z Fold2 5G (BROWN) SM-F916B/256 6999
Galaxy Fold SM-F900FZKDXME Galaxy Fold (BLACK) SM-F900F/512D 8388
SM-F900FZSDXME Galaxy Fold (SILVER)  SM-F900F/512D 8388
Galaxy Note20 SM-N980FZAGXME  Galaxy Note20 (GRAY) SM-N980F/256D  3899
SM-N980FZNGXME  Galaxy Note20 (BROWN) SM-N980F/256D  3899
Galaxy Note20 5G SM-N981BZAGXME  Galaxy Note20 5G (GRAY)  SM-N981B/256D  3199 
SM-N981BZGGXME  Galaxy Note20 5G (GREEN) SM-N981B/256D  3199 
SM-N981BZNGXME  Galaxy Note20 5G (BROWN) SM-N981B/256D 3199 
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986BZKGXME  Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (BLACK) SM-N986B/256D 4099
SM-N986BZNGXME  Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (BROWN)  SM-N986B/256D 4099
SM-N986BZWGXME  Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (WHITE) SM-N986B/256D 4099
Galaxy Note10+ SM-N975FZKDXME  Galaxy Note10+ (BLACK) SM-N975F/256D  4199
SM-N975FZSDXME  Galaxy Note10+ (SILVER) SM-N975F/256D  4199
SM-N975FZSYXME Galaxy Note10+ (SILVER) SM-N975F/256D 4199
SM-N975FZWDXME Galaxy Note10+ (WHITE) SM-N975F/256D  4199
SM-N975FZKGXME  Galaxy Note10+ (BLACK) SM-N975F/512D 4799
SM-N975FZSGXME  Galaxy Note10+ (SILVER)  SM-N975F/512D  4799
SM-N975FZWGXME Galaxy Note10+ (WHITE) SM-N975F/512D 4799
Galaxy Note10  SM-N970FZIDXME  Galaxy Note10 (PINK)  SM-N970F/256D 3699
SM-N970FZKDXME Galaxy Note10 (BLACK)  SM-N970F/256D 3699
SM-N970FZSDXME Galaxy Note10 (SILVER)  SM-N970F/256D  3699
Galaxy Note10 Lite SM-N770FZKUXME  Galaxy Note10 Lite (BLACK)  SM-N770F/1D8 2299
SM-N770FZRUXME Galaxy Note10 Lite (RED) SM-N770F/1D8 2299
SM-N770FZSUXME  Galaxy Note10 Lite (SILVER) SM-N770F/1D8 2299
Galaxy Note9 SM-N960FZBDXME Galaxy Note9 (BLUE) SM-N960F/128D 3699
SM-N960FZKDXME Galaxy Note9 (BLACK) SM-N960F/128D 3699
SM-N960FZNDXME Galaxy Note9 (BROWN) SM-N960F/128D 3699
SM-N960FZBHXME Galaxy Note9 (BLUE)  SM-N960F/512D 4599
SM-N960FZKHXME  Galaxy Note9 (BLACK)  SM-N960F/512D  4599
SM-N960FZPHXME  Galaxy Note9 (PURPLE) SM-N960F/512D  4599
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G  SM-G998BZKDXME  Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (BLACK) SM-G998B/128D 4999
SM-G998BZKGXME Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (BLACK)  SM-G998B/256D 5299
SM-G998BZSGXME Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (SILVER) SM-G998B/256D 5299
SM-G998BZKHXME  Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (BLACK) SM-G998B/512D 5899
SM-G998BZSHXME  Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (SILVER) SM-G998B/512D  5899
Galaxy S21+ 5G  SM-G996BZVDXME Galaxy S21+ 5G (VIOLET) SM-G996B/128D 3999
SM-G996BZKGXME Galaxy S21+ 5G (BLACK)  SM-G996B/256D  4299
SM-G996BZSGXME  Galaxy S21+ 5G (SILVER)  SM-G996B/256D 4299
SM-G996BZVGXME Galaxy S21+ 5G (VIOLET) SM-G996B/256D  4299
Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991BZADXME Galaxy S21 5G (GRAY) SM-G991B/128D 3499
SM-G991BZAGXME Galaxy S21 5G (GRAY) SM-G991B/256D 3699
SM-G991BZIGXME  Galaxy S21 5G (PINK) SM-G991B/256D 3699
SM-G991BZVGXME  Galaxy S21 5G (VIOLET)  SM-G991B/256D  3699
SM-G991BZWGXME  Galaxy S21 5G (WHITE) SM-G991B/256D 3699
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SM-G988BZADXME Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (GRAY) SM-G988B/128D 4999
SM-G988BZKDXME Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (BLACK) SM-G988B/128D 4999
SM-G988BZWDXME Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (WHITE) SM-G988B/128D 4999
Galaxy S20+ SM-G985FLBDXME Galaxy S20+ (LIGHT BLUE)  SM-G985F/128D  3999
SM-G985FZADXME Galaxy S20+ (GRAY)  SM-G985F/128D  3999
SM-G985FZKDXME  Galaxy S20+ (BLACK) SM-G985F/128D  3999
SM-G985FZPDXME  Galaxy S20+ (PURPLE) BTS  SM-G985F/128D  4399
SM-G985FZRDXME Galaxy S20+ (RED) SM-G985F/128D 3999
Galaxy S20 SM-G980FLBDXME Galaxy S20 (LIGHT BLUE) SM-G980F/128D 3599
SM-G980FZADXME  Galaxy S20 (GRAY) SM-G980F/128D  3599
SM-G980FZIDXME Galaxy S20 (PINK) SM-G980F/128D 3599
Galaxy S20 FE  SM-G780GLVGXME Galaxy S20 FE (LIGHT VIOLET) SM-G780G/1R8D 2299
SM-G780GZBGXME Galaxy S20 FE (BLUE) SM-G780G/1R8D 2299
SM-G780GZOGXME Galaxy S20 FE (ORANGE) SM-G780G/1R8D 2299
SM-G780FLVGXME Galaxy S20 FE (LIGHT VIOLET)  SM-G780F/1R8D 2299
SM-G780FZOGXME  Galaxy S20 FE (ORANGE) SM-G780F/1R8D 2299
SM-G780FZRGXME Galaxy S20 FE (RED) SM-G780F/1R8D 2299
Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781BLVHXME Galaxy S20 FE 5G (LIGHT VIOLET)  SM-G781B/2R8D 2999
SM-G781BZBHXME Galaxy S20 FE 5G (BLUE) SM-G781B/2R8D  2999
SM-G781BZGHXME  Galaxy S20 FE 5G (GREEN) SM-G781B/2R8D 2999
SM-G781BZOHXME  Galaxy S20 FE 5G (ORANGE) SM-G781B/2R8D  2999
SM-G781BZRHXME Galaxy S20 FE 5G (RED) SM-G781B/2R8D  2999
SM-G781BZWHXME Galaxy S20 FE 5G (WHITE)  SM-G781B/2R8D 2999
Galaxy S10+ SM-G975FZGDXME Galaxy S10+ (GREEN)  SM-G975F/128D 3699
SM-G975FZKDXME Galaxy S10+ (BLACK)  SM-G975F/128D  3699
SM-G975FZWDXME Galaxy S10+ (WHITE)  SM-G975F/128D 3699
SM-G975FCKHXME  Galaxy S10+ (CERAMIC BLACK)  SM-G975FC/1D1  5999
SM-G975FCWHXME Galaxy S10+ (CERAMIC WHITE) SM-G975FC/1D1  5999
SM-G975FCKGXME  Galaxy S10+ (CERAMIC BLACK)  SM-G975FC/5D8  4599
SM-G975FCWGXME Galaxy S10+ (CERAMIC WHITE)  SM-G975FC/5D8  4599
Galaxy S10 SM-G973FZGDXME Galaxy S10 (GREEN) SM-G973F/128D 3299
SM-G973FZKDXME Galaxy S10 (BLACK) SM-G973F/128D  3299
SM-G973FZWDXME  Galaxy S10 (WHITE)  SM-G973F/128D  3299
Galaxy S10 Lite  SM-G770FZBIXME  Galaxy S10 Lite (BLUE)  SM-G770F/128D 2699
SM-G770FZKIXME Galaxy S10 Lite (BLACK)  SM-G770F/128D 2699
SM-G770FZWIXME  Galaxy S10 Lite (WHITE)  SM-G770F/128D  2699
Galaxy S10e  SM-G970FZGDXME Galaxy S10e (GREEN) SM-G970F/128D  2699
SM-G970FZKDXME  Galaxy S10e (BLACK) SM-G970F/128D 2699
SM-G970FZWDXME  Galaxy S10e (WHITE) SM-G970F/128D 2699
Galaxy S9+ SM-G965FZBGXME Galaxy S9+ (BLUE)  SM-G965F/128D 3769
SM-G965FZKGXME Galaxy S9+ (BLACK) SM-G965F/128D 3769
SM-G965FZPGXME Galaxy S9+ (PURPLE)  SM-G965F/128D 3769
SM-G965FZKHXME Galaxy S9+ (BLACK)  SM-G965F/256D  4149
SM-G965FZBDXME Galaxy S9+ (BLUE) SM-G965F/64DS 3579
SM-G965FZKDXME Galaxy S9+ (BLACK)  SM-G965F/64DS  3579
SM-G965FZPDXME Galaxy S9+ (PURPLE)  SM-G965F/64DS 3579
Galaxy S9 SM-G960FZBDXME  Galaxy S9 (BLUE)  SM-G960F/64DS 3109
SM-G960FZKDXME Galaxy S9 (BLACK) SM-G960F/64DS 3109
SM-G960FZPDXME Galaxy S9 (PURPLE)  SM-G960F/64DS 3109
Galaxy S8+ SM-G955FZDDXME Galaxy S8+ (GOLD) SM-G955FD/M64 2919
SM-G955FZIDXME Galaxy S8+ (PINK) SM-G955FD/M64 2919
SM-G955FZKDXME Galaxy S8+ (BLACK) SM-G955FD/M64  2919
SM-G955FZVDXME  Galaxy S8+ (ORCHID GRAY) SM-G955FD/M64  2919
Galaxy S8  SM-G950FZBDXME Galaxy S8 (BLUE)  SM-G950FD/M64 2539
SM-G950FZDDXME  Galaxy S8 (GOLD) SM-G950FD/M64  2539
SM-G950FZIDXME Galaxy S8 (PINK) SM-G950FD/M64 2539
SM-G950FZKDXME  Galaxy S8 (BLACK) SM-G950FD/M64  2539
SM-G950FZVDXME Galaxy S8 (ORCHID GRAY) SM-G950FD/M64 2539
Galaxy-A12 SM-A125FZBHXME Galaxy-A12 (BLUE) SM-A125F/1R4D 649
SM-A125FZKHXME Galaxy-A12 (BLACK) SM-A125F/1R4D  649
SM-A125FZBJXME Galaxy-A12 (BLUE) SM-A125F/1R6D 699
SM-A125FZKJXME Galaxy-A12 (BLACK) SM-A125F/1R6D 699
Galaxy-A20 SM-A205FZBGXME Galaxy-A20 (BLUE) SM-A205F/3R3D 699
SM-A205FZKGXME Galaxy-A20 (BLACK)  SM-A205F/3R3D 699
SM-A205FZRGXME  Galaxy-A20 (RED)  SM-A205F/3R3D  699
Galaxy-A20s  SM-A207FZGDXME Galaxy-A20s (GREEN) SM-A207F/32D  699
SM-A207FZKDXME Galaxy-A20s (BLACK)  SM-A207F/32D 699
SM-A207FZRDXME Galaxy-A20s (RED) SM-A207F/32D 699
Galaxy-A21s  SM-A217FZBFXME Galaxy-A21s (BLUE) SM-A217F/6R6D 899
SM-A217FZKFXME Galaxy-A21s (BLACK)  SM-A217F/6R6D 899
SM-A217FZWFXME  Galaxy-A21s (WHITE)  SM-A217F/6R6D  899
Galaxy-A30  SM-A305FZBFXME  Galaxy-A30 (BLUE) SM-A305F/64DS 799
SM-A305FZKFXME  Galaxy-A30 (BLACK)  SM-A305F/64DS  799
SM-A305FZWFXME  Galaxy-A30 (WHITE) SM-A305F/64DS 799
Galaxy-A30s SM-A307GZGWXME  Galaxy-A30s (GREEN)  SM-A307GN/1D4 999
SM-A307GZKWXME Galaxy-A30s (BLACK)  SM-A307GN/1D4 999
SM-A307GZWWXME Galaxy-A30s (WHITE)  SM-A307GN/1D4  999
SM-A307GZGVXME  Galaxy-A30s (GREEN)  SM-A307GN/6D4  899
SM-A307GZKVXME Galaxy-A30s (BLACK)  SM-A307GN/6D4 899
SM-A307GZWVXME  Galaxy-A30s (WHITE)  SM-A307GN/6D4  899
Galaxy-A31  SM-A315GZBWXME  Galaxy-A31 (BLUE)  SM-A315G/1R6D  999
SM-A315GZKWXME Galaxy-A31 (BLACK) SM-A315G/1R6D 999
SM-A315GZWWXME Galaxy-A31 (WHITE) SM-A315G/1R6D 999
Galaxy-A32 SM-A325FLVHXME Galaxy-A32 (LIGHT VIOLET) SM-A325F/1R6D  949
SM-A325FZBHXME  Galaxy-A32 (BLUE) SM-A325F/1R6D 949
SM-A325FZKHXME Galaxy-A32 (BLACK) SM-A325F/1R6D 949
SM-A325FZWHXME  Galaxy-A32 (WHITE) SM-A325F/1R6D 949
SM-A325FLVIXME  Galaxy-A32 (LIGHT VIOLET)  SM-A325F/1R8D 999
SM-A325FZBIXME Galaxy-A32 (BLUE) SM-A325F/1R8D  999
SM-A325FZKIXME Galaxy-A32 (BLACK) SM-A325F/1R8D 999
SM-A325FZWIXME Galaxy-A32 (WHITE)  SM-A325F/1R8D  999
Galaxy-A32 5G SM-A326BLVHXME Galaxy-A32 5G (LIGHT VIOLET) SM-A326B/1R8D  1199
SM-A326BZBHXME  Galaxy-A32 5G (BLUE)  SM-A326B/1R8D 1199
SM-A326BZKHXME Galaxy-A32 5G (BLACK)  SM-A326B/1R8D 1199
SM-A326BZWHXME  Galaxy-A32 5G (WHITE)  SM-A326B/1R8D 1199
Galaxy-A42 5G  SM-A426BZAHXME Galaxy-A42 5G (GRAY) SM-A426B/1D8N 1599
SM-A426BZKHXME Galaxy-A42 5G (BLACK) SM-A426B/1D8N 1599
Galaxy-A50 SM-A505FZBHXME Galaxy-A50 (BLUE) SM-A505F/1R6D  1199
SM-A505FZKHXME Galaxy-A50 (BLACK) SM-A505F/1R6D  1199
SM-A505FZWHXME Galaxy-A50 (WHITE)  SM-A505F/1R6D  1199
Galaxy-A50s SM-A507FZGWXME Galaxy-A50s (GREEN) SM-A507FN/1D6  899
SM-A507FZKWXME Galaxy-A50s (BLACK) SM-A507FN/1D6 899
SM-A507FZWWXME  Galaxy-A50s (WHITE)  SM-A507FN/1D6  899
Galaxy-A51  SM-A515FZBWXME  Galaxy-A51 (BLUE)  SM-A515F/1D6N 1299
SM-A515FZKWXME Galaxy-A51 (BLACK) SM-A515F/1D6N 1299
SM-A515FZWWXME Galaxy-A51 (WHITE SM-A515F/1D6N 1299
SM-A515FMSHXME  Galaxy-A51 (METALLIC SILVER)  SM-A515F/1D8N 1399
SM-A515FZBHXME Galaxy-A51 (BLUE)  SM-A515F/1D8N  1399
SM-A515FZKHXME  Galaxy-A51 (BLACK) SM-A515F/1D8N  1399
SM-A515FZWHXME Galaxy-A51 (WHITE) SM-A515F/1D8N  1399
SM-A515FZBPXME  Galaxy-A51 (BLUE)  SM-A515F/2D8N 1399
SM-A515FZKPXME  Galaxy-A51 (BLACK)  SM-A515F/2D8N  1399
Galaxy-A52  SM-A525FZKHXME  Galaxy-A52 (BLACK)  SM-A525F/1D8N 1399
SM-A525FLVIXME Galaxy-A52 (LIGHT VIOLET)  SM-A525F/2D8N  1499
SM-A525FZBIXME Galaxy-A52 (BLUE) SM-A525F/2D8N  1499
SM-A525FZKIXME Galaxy-A52 (BLACK)  SM-A525F/2D8N 1499
SM-A525FZWIXME  Galaxy-A52 (WHITE) SM-A525F/2D8N  1499
Galaxy-A52 5G SM-A526BLVHXME Galaxy-A52 5G (LIGHT VIOLET) SM-A526B/2D8N 1899
SM-A526BZBHXME Galaxy-A52 5G (BLUE) SM-A526B/2D8N 1899
SM-A526BZKHXME Galaxy-A52 5G (BLACK)  SM-A526B/2D8N  1899
SM-A526BZWHXME  Galaxy-A52 5G (WHITE)  SM-A526B/2D8N 1899
Galaxy-A7 (2018) SM-A750GZBVXME  Galaxy-A7 (2018) (BLUE)  SM-A750GN/128 1099
SM-A750GZDVXME Galaxy-A7 (2018) (GOLD) SM-A750GN/128  1099
SM-A750GZKVXME  Galaxy-A7 (2018) (BLACK)  SM-A750GN/128 1099
Galaxy-A70 SM-A705FZBGXME Galaxy-A70 (BLUE) SM-A705F/1D8 1799
SM-A705FZKGXME Galaxy-A70 (BLACK) SM-A705F/1D8 1799
SM-A705FZWGXME Galaxy-A70 (WHITE)  SM-A705F/1D8 1799
Galaxy-A71 SM-A715FMSEXME Galaxy-A71 (METALLIC SILVER)  SM-A715F/1D8N 1699
SM-A715FZBEXME Galaxy-A71 (BLUE) SM-A715F/1D8N  1699
SM-A715FZKEXME  Galaxy-A71 (BLACK) SM-A715F/1D8N  1699
SM-A715FZSEXME Galaxy-A71 (SILVER)  SM-A715F/1D8N 1699
Galaxy-A72 SM-A725FLVHXME Galaxy-A72 (LIGHT VIOLET)  SM-A725F/2D8N 1899
SM-A725FZBHXME Galaxy-A72 (BLUE)  SM-A725F/2D8N 1899
SM-A725FZKHXME  Galaxy-A72 (BLACK) SM-A725F/2D8N 1899
SM-A725FZWHXME  Galaxy-A72 (WHITE) SM-A725F/2D8N 1899
Galaxy-A80 SM-A805FCKYXME Galaxy-A80 (CERAMIC BLACK) SM-A805F/128D 2499
SM-A805FZDDXME  Galaxy-A80 (GOLD) SM-A805F/128D 2499
SM-A805FZKDXME  Galaxy-A80 (BLACK) SM-A805F/128D 2499
SM-A805FZSDXME  Galaxy-A80 (SILVER) SM-A805F/128D  2499
Galaxy-A8-Star SM-G885FZKDXME Galaxy-A8-Star (BLACK) SM-G885F/64DS 1799
SM-G885FZWDXME Galaxy-A8-Star (WHITE)  SM-G885F/64DS  1799
Galaxy-A9 (2018)  SM-A920FZBDXME  Galaxy-A9 (2018) (BLUE) SM-A920F/128D 1999
SM-A920FZIDXME  Galaxy-A9 (2018) (PINK) SM-A920F/128D 1999
SM-A920FZKDXME Galaxy-A9 (2018) (BLACK) SM-A920F/128D 1999
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)  SM-T510NZDDXME  Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) (GOLD) SM-T510/3R2  899
SM-T515NZDEXME Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) (GOLD)  SM-T515/32 1299
SM-T515NZKEXME Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) (BLACK)  SM-T515/32  1299
Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019)  SM-T295NZKAXME Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) (BLACK)  SM-T295/32 599
SM-T295NZSAXME Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) (SILVER) SM-T295/32 599
Galaxy Tab A 8 Plus (2019) SM-P205NZAAXME Galaxy Tab A 8 Plus (2019) (GRAY) SM-P205/32 1099
SM-P205NZKAXME Galaxy Tab A 8 Plus (2019) (BLACK) SM-P205/32  1099
Galaxy Tab A7 SM-T505NZSAXME Galaxy Tab A7 (SILVER) SM-T505/32 1199
SM-T500NZAAXME Galaxy Tab A7 (GRAY) SM-T500/32  899
SM-T500NZSAXME Galaxy Tab A7 (SILVER) SM-T500/32 899
Galaxy Tab Active Pro  SM-T545NZKAXME Galaxy Tab Active Pro (BLACK) SM-T545/64  2899
Galaxy Tab Active2 SM-T395NZKAXME Galaxy Tab Active2 (BLACK)  SM-T395/16 1979
Galaxy Tab Active3 SM-T575NZKAXME  Galaxy Tab Active3 (BLACK) SM-T575/64  2099
Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T725NZDAXME Galaxy Tab S5e (GOLD)  SM-T725/64 1999
SM-T725NZKAXME  Galaxy Tab S5e (BLACK)  SM-T725/64  1999
Galaxy Tab S6  SM-T865NZAAXME  Galaxy Tab S6 (GRAY)  SM-T865/128 3099
SM-T865NZBAXME Galaxy Tab S6 (BLUE)  SM-T865/128  3099
SM-T865NZNAXME Galaxy Tab S6 (BROWN) SM-T865/128  3099
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite SM-P610NZAAXME Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (GRAY) SM-P610/64  1499
SM-P610NZBAXME  Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (BLUE) SM-P610/64  1499
SM-P615NZAAXME Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (GRAY) SM-P615/64 1799
Galaxy Tab S7 SM-T875NZKAXME  Galaxy Tab S7 (BLACK) SM-T875/128 3599
SM-T875NZKYXME Galaxy Tab S7 (BLACK) SM-T875/128  3599
SM-T870NDBYXME Galaxy Tab S7 (DARK BLUE)  SM-T870/128 3299
SM-T870NZKYXME Galaxy Tab S7 (BLACK) SM-T870/128 3299
SM-T870NZSYXME Galaxy Tab S7 (SILVER)  SM-T870/128 3299
Galaxy Tab S7+ SM-T970NDBZXME Galaxy Tab S7+ (DARK BLUE)  SM-T970/256 4599
SM-T970NZKZXME  Galaxy Tab S7+ (BLACK)  SM-T970/256 4599
SM-T970NZNZXME  Galaxy Tab S7+ (BROWN)  SM-T970/256 4599
SM-T970NZSZXME Galaxy Tab S7+ (SILVER)  SM-T970/256 4599
Watch 42mm SM-R810NZDAXME  Watch 42mm (GOLD) SM-R810/4  1199
SM-R810NZKAXME Watch 42mm (BLACK) SM-R810/4 1199
Watch 46mm SM-R800NZSAXME Watch 46mm (SILVER)  SM-R800/4  1299
Watch3 41mm SM-R850NZDAXME  Watch3 41mm (GOLD) SM-R850/8  1199
SM-R850NZSAXME Watch3 41mm (SILVER) SM-R850/8  1199
SM-R855FZDAXME Watch3 41mm (GOLD)  SM-R855F/8 1599
Watch3 45mm SM-R840NZKAXME Watch3 45mm (BLACK) SM-R840/8 1299
SM-R840NZSAXME Watch3 45mm (SILVER) SM-R840/8 1299
SM-R840NTKAXME Watch3 45mm (ABSOLUTE BLACK) SM-R840T/8  1299
SM-R845FZKAXME Watch3 45mm (BLACK) SM-R845F/8 1699
Watch Active SM-R500NCKYXME Active (CERAMIC BLACK)  SM-R500/4  799
SM-R500NZDAXME  Active (GOLD)  SM-R500/4  799
SM-R500NZKAXME Active (BLACK) SM-R500/4 799
SM-R500NZSAXME Active (SILVER) SM-R500/4 799
Watch Active2 40mm  SM-R830NADAXME  Active2 40mm (ABSOLUTE GOLD) SM-R830/4  799
SM-R830NZDAXME Active2 40mm (GOLD) SM-R830/4  799
SM-R830NZKAXME Active2 40mm (BLACK) SM-R830/4  799
SM-R830NZKUMXI Active2 40mm (BLACK) SM-R830/4  799
SM-R830NSDAXME Active2 40mm (STAINLESS GOLD) SM-R830S/4 999
SM-R830NSKAXME Active2 40mm (STAINLESS BLACK)  SM-R830S/4  999
SM-R830NSSAXME  Active2 40mm (STAINLESS SILVER)  SM-R830S/4  999
Watch Active2 44mm SM-R820NZDAXME Active2 44mm (GOLD)  SM-R820/4 899
SM-R820NZKAXME Active2 44mm (BLACK)  SM-R820/4  899
SM-R820NZKUMXI  Active2 44mm (BLACK)  SM-R820/4 899
SM-R820NSDAXME Active2 44mm (STAINLESS GOLD) SM-R820S/4  1099
SM-R820NSKAXME Active2 44mm (STAINLESS BLACK)  SM-R820S/4 1099
SM-R820NSSAXME Active2 44mm (STAINLESS SILVER) SM-R820S/4 1099
SM-R825FZKAXME Active2 44mm (BLACK)  SM-R825F/4  1299