Maxis Friend Finder

Find out who’s in the neighbourhood even without a GPS-enabled device.

Whether you're looking for your favourite people to hang out over coffee or making sure your best of friends don’t arrive too early to their surprise birthday party, It’s easy to track your friend’s location, even without a GPS with Maxis Friend Finder app. Best of all, it’s 100% permission based; so you can track them without violating their privacy.

Key features



Track your friends without violating their privacy when they have granted you permission explicitly.


Ad hoc/Scheduler

Locate them on an ad hoc basis or via personalized option, it’s your choice. Customize your location update, time slots or frequency as well.



Like to be left alone? Control your privacy settings of your own location availability at any time.



For the social network savvy, let your friends know where you are by sharing your location updates on Facebook.


Friend List

Keep track of your favourite people whom you've had granted permission to find their location.


OK List

Like to keep tabs on who’s following you? View your friends whom you've granted permission for your location information.