The only parental control for cyber safety you’ll need

Say goodbye to looking over your kids’ shoulders or checking their browser history

RM3/mth for up
to 3 devices

Filter out
inappropriate websites

Ensure that your kids
can only access
family-friendly apps

Manage and track your
kids’ screen time

Block accidental
purchases on Google Play

Lock kids’ devices remotely
to prevent unwanted access

Coming soon

Safe search results from
Google, YouTube and Bing

Track your kids’ location

Coming soon

Download now to start enjoying complete peace of mind

iOS version coming soon.

How to set up your Maxis Kid Nanny.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Kid Nanny?

Kid Nanny is a Parental Control service brought to you by Maxis.

How does it work?

You will have to download one Kid Nanny Parent Application on the parent device and One Child Application on the child device at a minimum for each activated subscription. Below are the features of this service.

Kid Nanny Parent Application

  • Allows parent to manage both parent application & children application.
  • Enables parent to manage multiple child applications from a single parent application
  • More than 1 parent can register to use the same parent application.
  • Enables viewing and extracting a report of a child’s device usage.
  • Allows parent to control a child’s usage by disabling device after a set time.
  • Allows parent to block access of supported applications in child’s device based on day and time.
  • Enables different settings for different child applications.

Kid Nanny Child Application

  • Enables two way communication with parent application with respect to requested actions and actioned requests.
  • Auto blocks any application or website that the child is restricted from accessing.
How do I subscribe?

You can purchase this in our MyMaxis App. Visit the ‘Shop’ page. Click on Kid Nanny and you will be directed to Kid Nanny page for purchase & subscription.

How much is the subscription?

Upon sign up you will enjoy a free 1 month trial. After this, you will be charged RM3/month to protect up to 3 devices. There are no charges for setting up the Parent account.

Will data be drawn down from my existing quota if I use this app?

No, the Kid Nanny parent and child app is whitelisted. No data consumption incurred.

I have more than one child, can I use this service for all of them?

Yes Kid Nanny can be paired to a maximum of 3 (kid) devices without additional charges for each device.

Is Maxis Kid Nanny compatible with all devices?

Currently we only support Android devices. We are working to release the iOS version. Stay tuned.

Does Maxis have access to my child’s personal information

No. We may ask for the name and date of birth to assign the correct age settings, but do not use these details any other way.

Is any data shared with 3rd parties?

No. We do not share or onsell personal information.

Can the child delete the App?

Yes. The App can be deleted however that does not affect the parental control features. In fact if they do it, you’ll be quickly alerted via email.

Can the I change the default settings?

Absolutely. While our age profiles are designed for parents to set up and not have to worry about the settings, these are fully customizable to be relevant to your child’s personal needs.

Can I completely turn off the internet?

Yes. We refer to no internet access as 'Sleep Time'.

Why can't I use the same email address for all parents?

We require a different email address for each Parent as we send account notifications, usage reports and more.

How do I change the calendar and routine options for my kids?

Parents can change the routines and calendars by clicking on the tools icon at Kid Nanny app.

Can I change all routines and calendars at once?

No, each family member must be altered individually.

Can I add school holidays to my kid's calendars?

Yes, Parents have the option to update the calendar to a different day type over multiple days for school holidays or family vacations.

Can I change a routine day once I've set it?

Yes, routines can be changed at any time by opening the Kid Nanny app, then tapping on a family member and tapping on routine. Use the drop down menu at the top to swap between School, Relax and Rewards days.

What is the difference between School and Study?

School and Study are generally the most restricted access periods for children. However, Study can be altered to be less restrictive. For example, Parents may allow their children to access Facebook during Study but not in School Time.

Why is everything blocked in Sleep?

Sleep Time is the designated 'no internet' period where all access to the internet is blocked. Sleep Time is a great function for parents to perform a Quick Time Change to when children are misbehaving.

Will my child know why they're being blocked from a webpage?

Generally yes, and they will be re-directed to a Kid Nanny Blocked Page. This page describes the webpage being accessed, and explains why it was blocked.

Can I install it on PCs?

No, PCs and Macs are currently not configured for our Kid Nanny App.

Can I terminate this service?

Yes you can terminate your subscription. No penalty incurred as this is not a contract.

Terms and Conditions

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