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Frequently Asked Questions

Maxis Business

  • The trial offer is available in response to the increased needs for employees to work from home due to COVID-19 situation.

  • No, there is no contract.

    • Must have ONEBusiness Voice Connect service on ONEBusiness Fibre (5 lines, 9 lines or more). Single Unlimited Voice Connect line that is bundled with Business Fibre is not eligible.
    • Voice Connect lines that they are currently paying RM25 /line/month (not the old BVE package).
    • To use the App, the customer must be on a Maxis postpaid mobile line.
  • Yes you can. Please contact 1919 and inform our representative on your interest to subscribe for the Voice Connect App. You will be required to submit a letter of registration/request.

  • You may contact 1700-81-8881 or leave your contact details on the website and a Maxis representative will contact you.

  • Yes you can. Please contact 1919 to submit your request. Do note that your Voice Connect line will still remain active if you only terminate only the Voice Connect App. However, if you were to terminate the Voice Connect line within contract, you will be subjected to early termination charges.

    • You may register your interest from our website, contact your Maxis Account Manager supporting you or 1800-82-1919.
    • If you have existing Microsoft Office 365 E1 subscription, you are required to accept the Maxis reseller relationship link to allow Maxis to enable the Teams Phone System on your Microsoft Teams to make and receive PSTN calls.
    • Should you require more than the 30 complimentary Teams Phone System, the additional licenses will be chargeable.
    • Yes. There would be a one time fee chargeable of RM 6k per company for the phone system license activation and managed service.
    • You may contact Maxis Account Manager supporting you to sign-up for the paid subscription after the 6 months period. We will also waive off the one-time fee that you have paid at the start.
    • Maxis will not be extending the Free Teams Phone System once the quota had been reached. However, for customer who are interested, you may subscribe for the paid version of the package.
    • For this campaign offer, you do not need to have an existing Maxis internet connectivity subscription.
  • If the Teams Phone System package is tied to the Free E1 trial license, then you won’t be able to continue with the use of Teams Phone system package.

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