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Feel the sound of Takbir Raya this year

No sound is more beautiful to Muslims than the sound of Takbir Raya. Yet to the deaf community, it's just plain silence. They can’t fully experience this important part of the Raya celebration, nor participate together with the crowd.

Inspired by these challenges, Maxis introduces the Deria Takbir app. The app converts the sound waves of Takbir into cymatic visual patterns and haptic vibrations in real-time, allowing the deaf community to feel the Takbir’s rhythm and melody, and join others celebrating.

Have you ever wondered how
the deaf experience Takbir Raya?

Watch the story of a little boy, Faiz, in Maxis latest Raya short film.

Behind the scenes

Check out behind-the-scenes action plus exclusive interviews with Mr. Sazali, President
of the Malaysian Federation of The Deaf (MFD), and representatives from his community.

Love Faiz's story?
Help spread the awareness of Deria Takbir

Send your Raya greetings and spread the awareness
of Deria Takbir with these customised
cymatic patterns that are inspired by the sound waves of Takbir.
Cymatic Preview

Download the Deria Takbir app now

Follow these simple steps
to experience the Deria Takbir:

Learn more about the
accessibility features on iPhone

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