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It's business beyond your four walls.

With Maxis Maybank mPOS, you can take your business straight to your customers. Perform debit/credit card sales on the spot securely and receive funds into your account the next day – all with a small device that fits nicely in your pocket. Sign up for your very own mPOS from as low as RM18/mth with MaxisONE Business or FlexiShare.

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  • Worry-free, mobile and always connected.
  • A secure PIN-based mPOS with Maybank, our trusted financial partner.
  • No upfront payment required.
  • Deal with a single point of contact for your end to end application process.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Connect the mPOS card reader to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Step 2:

Enter the amount and insert the customer's card into the mPOS card reader to be charged.

Step 3:

Customer keys in his/her PIN onto the mPOS card reader to authorize the payment. An e-receipt will then be issued via email and SMS.

Get mPOS from RM18

With MaxisONE Business or FlexiShare, get started from only RM18/month!

  • No upfront setup cost.
  • Limitless mPOS transactions always on full speed.
  • Enjoy a full range of data, Calls and SMS offerings with 4G LTE coverage nationwide.
  • Accept large amount payments.
  • Fast, safe and secured.

* According to the prevailing rate at the time of application, and subject to approval by Maybank.

Get special rates for mPOS with
MaxisONE Business or FlexiShare

mPOS with Mobile Plan mPOS Only
Any MaxisONE Business plan/FlexiShare
mPOS 33 mPOS 55*
Monthly Commitment Fee RM18 RM33 RM55
Call & SMS As per base plan Nil Nil
Data As per base plan 30MB 30MB
  • Unlimited data for mPOS transactions
  • mPOS card reader
  • Unlimited data for mPOS transactions
  • mPOS card reader
  • Smartphone or Tablet (Exact model subject to change)
mPOS with Mobile Plan
Any MaxisONE Business plan/FlexiShare
Monthly Commitment Fee RM18
Call & SMS As per base plan
Data As per base plan
  • Unlimited data for mPOS transactions
  • mPOS card reader

mPOS Only
mPOS 33 mPOS 55*
Monthly Commitment Fee RM33 RM55
Call & SMS Nil Nil
Data 30MB 30MB
  • Unlimited data for mPOS transactions
  • Unlimited data for mPOS transactions
  • mPOS card reader
  • Smartphone or Tablet (Exact model subject to change)
  • Each mPOS package comes with a single mPOS card reader.
  • Each mPOS card reader has a 1 year warranty and replacements are available at RM430 per unit.
  • The package excludes international calls, roaming and subscription services.
  • Subject to approval of the merchant Card Service by Maybank.

*mPOS 55 package will be charged at RM33/mth when the contract period ends.

User Guide

Download the user guide to learn how to set up and use mPOS on your device and navigate around the merchant portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does mPOS work?

It works in a similar way to a normal EDC credit card terminal. Simply connect the card reader to your mobile phone/tablet via Bluetooth, launch the mPOS app, key in the payment amount, insert your customer's card and then get the customer to key in their PIN on the PIN pad of the mPOS card reader to confirm the transaction. You have the option to send an e-receipt via SMS/email. An internet connection is required on your mobile device (minimum Edge).

What do I need to start using mPOS?

You need an mPOS card reader and a compatible mobile device with internet connection. Maxis can provide all of these for just RM55/month with no upfront cost. You are required to have a merchant account with Maybank, which you can apply for through Maxis.

Will I be able to issue a receipt to my customer?

You can issue an e-receipt via email or SMS (or both). The receipts can be sent from both the Merchant Portal and mobile app.

Will I have to bear the cost of issuing the e-receipt via email or SMS?

No, the e-receipt will be issued by Maybank through email and SMS (66628). It will not be sent directly from your mobile device.

How do I register for mPOS?

You can register your interest online at www.maxis.com.my/mpos or call us at 1919.

Do I first need to apply for a Merchant Account with Maybank separately?

No, you only need to submit your application to Maxis as the single point of contact for your registration. 

How long does the whole sign-up process take?

We will contact you to arrange for delivery of the card reader (with SIM and device if applicable) within 14 working days if your application is approved.

What if my application is rejected by Maybank?

If your application is rejected by Maybank, you may contact Maybank directly for further details or to make an appeal. Maxis will only confirm your rate plan subscription and device purchase when your merchant account application is approved.

Are there any upfront costs I need to pay? How much does the mPOS card reader cost?

No, there are no upfront costs or setup costs for Maxis mPOS. The Maxis mPOS service is based on a monthly subscription fee only. The card reader is provided for free as part of the monthly subscription fee.

Is the Maxis Maybank mPOS mobile app free to download?

Yes, it is free for download from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

What is the difference between the Basic mPOS standalone plan, and the mPOS add-on? Which is more suitable for my business?

If you require a device for telecommunication purposes such as making business calls, sending SMS and web browsing, the mPOS add-on is best recommended for you.

If you only require a device to be used solely for payment purposes and want to control your monthly expenses, then the mPOS standalone plan is best suited for your business.

What is "Unlimited data for mPOS transactions"?

If you perform mPOS transactions using a Maxis line stated in the rate plan above, it will run on full speed and your data will not be throttled even if your data quota is used up. This ensures that your mPOS transactions are seamless at all times.

What devices can I use mPOS with?

You can use mPOS on most iOS and Android devices that are Bluetooth-enabled. Unfortunately, Blackberry & Windows OS devices are not supported at the moment.

Can I use the mPOS card reader on more than one device?

Yes, you can use your mPOS card reader on any compatible mobile devices with Bluetooth connectivity. You will need to download the Maxis Maybank mPOS app onto the device and sign in with a valid user credentials.

If you want to swap between an audiojack reader and the Bluetooth reader, you will need to first logout from app, connect the new reader and login once again. If you have not logged out from the app on the current device, you will not be able login with the new device until the previous session (in the app) from the current device has expired.

Can I use mPOS on a Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, you can use mPOS on a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection.

How long will one transaction take on mPOS?

Generally it will take about 10-30 seconds per transaction. The actual speed will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

  • 10sec for LTE connection.
  • 30-40s on Edge connection.
What types of cards can I accept?

Any credit and debit cards bearing the Visa, Mastercard, MyDebit or AMEX logo and are chip-based. Cards that are only magnetic stripe-based are NOT accepted.

Can I accept foreign cards?

Yes, provided they are chip-based and issued under Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.

What is the transaction fee that I have to pay?

The MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) rate ranges from 1.50% to 2.00% for Credit cards, and from 0.80% to 2.00% for Debit cards. An indicative rate will be provided upon application but the final rate is determined upon approval by Maybank.

Can I apply for a lower MDR?

Appeals for lower MDR can be made directly to Maybank, once you are already an approved merchant. Maybank will consider the appeal based on actual transaction volume.

How will my funds be deposited?

For all settled transactions, your funds will be deposited into your Maybank Current Account the next business day.

If you are using a non-Maybank Current Account, you will receive your funds within 2-3 business days after the transaction day.

Do I have to have a Maybank Current Account?

No, you can also choose to have your funds deposited into a non-Maybank Current Account.

Will there be any interbank giro charges to deposit the funds into my non-Maybank Current Account?

No, there will be no interbank giro charges incurred.

Where can I view settlement records?

You can view this on the Merchant Portal. You will be provided with an account and login credentials once you are approved as a merchant by Maybank.

What can I do in Merchant Portal?

You can view:

  • Created mobile users details,
  • Readers that are assigned to you,
  • Transactions history,
  • Settlement status,
  • Basic admin tasks such as change password.
Will I be able to accept signature-based cards on the new mPOS Chip & PIN card reader?

Yes, during the grace period there will be a fall-back option to accept signature-based cards, but only until 31st Dec 2016. From 1st Jan 2017 onwards, you will no longer be able to accept signature-based cards on the Chip & PIN card reader.

Does the new Chip & PIN reader allow Easy Payment Plan / zero interest installment plan?

Currently, not for the time being.

Does the new Chip & PIN reader accept MyDebit / MyClear debit cards?

Yes, MyDebit cards are now accepted on Maxis Maybank mPOS.

Terms & Conditions

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