With Maxis Cloud POS, managing your retail business has never been easier. Our cloud point-of-sale solution collects sales data across each store, product, and staff in real-time - enabling you to quickly identify any problem areas and make the right decisions to improve the way you do business.

How Maxis Cloud POS can benefit your business

View real-time sales & inventory from a single online platform

Access readily available performance reports and analytics tools

Accept payments anywhere, anytime

Save costs with low card transaction fees

Retail challenges and how Cloud POS can help

From gaining real-time visibility into store inventory, analyzing sales performance on-the-go, to reducing operational costs, Maxis Cloud POS is your one-stop shop for addressing all your retail needs.


Poor Visibility Lacking visibility on store performance.

Manageability Issues Difficulty in managing multiple outlets.

Opportunity Loss Loss of sales opportunities due to lack of customer insights.

Time Wastage Manual tracking of inventory levels.

Delayed Information Difficulty in updating information within the current cashier system.

Prolonged Checkout Time-consuming cashier checkout process.

Cloud POS
can help

Bird’s Eye View Real-time dashboard gives you full control and visibility over your entire business.

Track Multiple Stores Cloud-based accessibility lets you manage all your stores remotely.

Know Your Customers Collect customer data to understand spending patterns and encourage repeat sales.

Automated Inventory Management Get reports and alerts on stock levels, so that you never run out of top-selling products.

Scale Easily Easily update your products, users and stores whenever you need to.

Ease of Use Organise and select your products easily with our user-friendly interface. Just tap & transact!

Choose the right plan for your business


Ideal For Starters

Cloud POS Lite
RM 125 per month

Growing Business

Cloud POS Basic
RM 235 per month

Ready to Go Big

Cloud POS Pro
RM 495 per month

Price (RM)

  • 200 SKUs
  • 1 user license
  • 1 store location license
  • 1 device license
  • 1000 SKUs
  • 3 user licenses
  • 1 store location license
  • 3 device licenses
  • 5000 SKUs
  • 5 user licenses
  • 3 store location licenses
  • 9 device licenses

Optional Add Ons

Optional Add Ons

Software License

Option to upgrade to Cloud POS Basic or Pro Package

Store location license for RM135/month each

Device license for RM135/month each

User license for RM135/month each

mPOS Card Reader

RM33/month per device
RM18/month per device with each Maxis ONEBusiness Plan or FlexiShare Plan

mPOP Hardware

1 cash register, 1 receipt printer and 1 tablet stand for RM2,000 and 1 year warranty

We have everything you need
to run your retail store


Our user-friendly solution is easy to setup and aids in speeding up sales transactions.

Quality-guaranteed and curated by Maxis

Cloud POS is thoroughly tested by Maxis, giving you the quality assurance you need.

Support for on-boarding and troubleshooting

Our Maxperts, Maxis business solutions experts, are always ready to provide assistance to you 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Maxis Cloud POS?

Maxis Cloud POS is an easy-to-use point-of-sale software for business owners who want to capture and track the sale of finished goods, collect customer data and understand their spending patterns, monitor cashier staff performance, and manage inventory levels. Business owners can view real-time analytics and reports easily anytime, anywhere!

How does Maxis Cloud POS work?

It works in a similar way to a normal point-of-sale software. Simply connect any peripheral hardware to your Maxis Cloud POS software, launch the Maxis Cloud POS software via app/Google Chrome browser, select the desired products and method of payment by end customers, and check out. You will have the option to either send an e-receipt to end customers via email, or instantly print a physical receipt if you have installed a receipt printer. An internet connection is required to start-up the Maxis Cloud POS software and sync in-store transactions to the Cloud POS Portal in real-time.

What devices can I use with Maxis Cloud POS?

The Maxis Cloud POS app is available for download from the App Store for Apple iPad users.

Alternatively, the Maxis Cloud POS software can also be accessed via the latest version of a Google Chrome browser running on any mobile device/tablet/PC.

Can I use my own POS hardware?

Yes, as long as you are able to download and run the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.

You can also contact Maxis to check on hardware compatibility.

What can I do in the Maxis Cloud POS Portal?

You can view and manage everything below on-the-go:

  • Dashboard on overall business data
  • Easily customisable reports on sales volume, inventory balance, customer, and many more,
  • Staff user details and login credentials,
  • Product and inventory updates as well as stock balances,
  • Transactions and payments history,
What type of internet connection would I need to use with Maxis Cloud POS?

You can use Maxis Cloud POS on a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. For mobile internet users, we recommend subscribing to a monthly data plan with at least 2GB to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

Can I still use Maxis Cloud POS if I face internet connectivity issues?

Yes, you can. The Maxis Cloud POS software will continue to capture your offline transactions as “pending sync”.

However, these offline transactions will be limited to cash-only transactions, as your card payment terminal (e.g. mPOS) will require internet access to function.

Once internet connectivity is restored, your cashier will be able to click on “Synchronise Data” from the POS settings screen & send all previously captured offline transactions to the cloud. Never worry about lost sales opportunities ever again!

What is the fee that I have to pay for transactions processed via the Maxis-Maybank mPOS reader?

The MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) rate ranges from 1.50% to 2.00% for credit cards, and from 0.80% to 1.0% for debit cards. An indicative rate will be provided upon application but the final rate is determined upon approval by Maybank.

Can I use my own EDC / credit card terminal with Maxis Cloud POS?

Yes, you can.

How secure is the data stored in the cloud for Maxis Cloud POS customers?

Your data is securely stored in the cloud (via Amazon Web Server) with a promised service uptime of 99.9%.

What is the difference between “Store Location”, “Device”, and “User” licenses?

  • Store location license: Allows you to track sales and inventory based on different store locations.
  • Device license: Allows your cashier to log in and transact from additional devices (i.e. iPads/tablets/PCs).
  • User license: Allows you to create additional staff user accounts for different authorization levels (e.g. normal cashier/store manager/full admin access). You can also enable/disable PIN-based user access, for extra security and control.

I’m interested in Maxis Cloud POS! How do I request a demo?

Call us at 1700 81 9093 and we’ll schedule an appointment to meet you!

Terms & Conditions

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