What is the Internet of Things?

When ‘things’ or assets, such as your vehicles, signboards, cold storage units or industrial machines, are connected to a network, and are able to send and receive data — about temperature, weight, location or any other such factors
— this ­is known as Machine to Machine (M2M).
And when these machines or assets have the intelligence to communicate with each other and also update central management systems autonomously in real time, we then call this the Internet of Things (IoT). It creates a whole new world of business opportunities. In fact the name doesn’t really matter — but it’s what you do with it that counts.

Let us show you how IoT can create new business opportunities, boost industry productivity, and deliver greater security to your business. Maxis, in partnership with Vodafone, brings your business the combined benefit of having the world’s best IOT technology and experts.

How IoT Can Benefit Your Business

The Internet of Things will drive never-before-seen business efficiencies, new levels of customer satisfaction, lower costs, and increased profitability.

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Experience the power of Maxis IoT today

The Internet of Things (IoT) lets you do things in ways you never thought possible. With Maxis IoT Trial Pack, you can now make the most out of the opportunities presented by IoT.

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How Maxis IoT Connectivity Solution is distinguished from others

  • Designed for your business needs
  • Ability to integrate with your existing system
  • Real time monitoring for control and visibility

  • Widest connectivity across Malaysia and neighboring countries
  • Plan and budget accurately
  • Future-proof IoT investments

  • Multiple layers of security for your business
  • Data privacy assured
  • Manage risks through controlled access

Gain Visibility and Control Over Your IoT Connectivity

Data gathered from your M2M sensors will be securely transmitted to a backend server, which can be retrieved from Maxis Managed Connectivity Portal, a self serve web portal that enables you to monitor and manage all your connectivity in real-time.

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Get help from our experienced and passionate team of tech experts if you encounter any roadblocks. Maxperts offer best-in-class solutions expertise such as tech advice, remote troubleshooting, navigational assistance and more.

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