A fast and reliable network to collaborate

Create your own dedicated network within your company with Maxis' Metro Ethernet service. It offers high speed network of up to 1GBps - providing you seamless connectivity, between offices and colleagues, to share files, access data based information and collaborate online easily. Scalable and easy to set up; this network offers great flexibility should your needs change in the future.

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Benefits of Metro-Ethernet


A CISCO-certified network, It’s more affordable compared to a multi-line WAN (Wide Area Network). It’s Ethernet equipment is also widely available off-the-shelf, making it easy to replace or upgrade.

Highly scalable

Its bandwidth capacity can be easily adjusted as required. No physical conversion needs to take place; just reconfiguration. This makes it easy to make changes quickly should your requirements change.

Streamlined communications

Its high speed supports simultaneous use of bandwidth-intensive applications such as data sharing, VoIP, video streaming, database and real-time collaboration tools.

24-hour technical support

A team of 20 CISCO-certified engineers monitor the network round the clock. This ensures immediate attention in the event of problems and minimal downtime.

Fast and easy installation

Metro Ethernet operates on a single, direct connection without the need for routing. Setting up is a breeze.

How Metro-E function at the Grand Prix

Razlan Razali, CEO of Sepang International Circuit, knows how critical real-time connectivity is to broadcasters that cover Formula One. "With 200 countries watching the live telecast, we can’t afford to keep anyone waiting."

Razlan Razali chose Metro-E (Business Ethernet) so millions of Formula One fans around the world get to watch the high-speed thrills of the PETRONAS Malaysian Grand Prix in real time. No delays.

Since 2009, the Metro-E were able to deliver:

-real time connectivity that is fast and reliable enough to handle bandwidth-intensive applications; especially for racing teams and international media during the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix.

-Huge data transfer capability allows smoother communication between members of the race teams – drivers, managers and HQ personnel. 

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