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Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) is a type of low power wide area (LPWA) wireless technology that is developed to connect large volumes of devices and services to the Internet.

Benefits of Narrowband-IoT

Low power consumption 

Provides the convenience of a much longer battery life.

Cost-effective devices with low bandwidth

Offers lower operational costs and only requires a few bytes of data transmission daily.

Mass scale of deployment 

Connects potentially millions of devices in a single deployment.

Stronger coverage 

Reaches devices over large areas, even indoors or underground.

Common uses of Narrowband-IoT

Gain visibility and optimise agriculture production.

Environmental Monitoring
Detect air quality, water quality, or the presence of forest fires.

Utilities Management
Get smart metering for tracking energy, water, or gas usage.

Remote Tracking
Monitor the locations of animals, objects, or fieldworkers.

Smart City Infrastructures
Monitor maintenance of street lights, rubbish, or drainage.

Smart Parking
Access real-time parking information, billing, or traffic management.

Introducing the Maxis IoT Innovation Lab

An advanced lab with access to a Narrowband-IoT network, allowing you to build, test, and certify your devices so that they may go to market quicker. The lab also leverages Maxis’s technical expertise to expedite the learning process, and offers an experiential showcase demonstrating various use cases of Narrowband-IoT.

Whether you are a business owner or developer/solution provider, register your interest below to schedule a lab visit for your company, or to test your applications at the lab.

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