Embrace the Power of Mobility to Easily and Securely
Boost Productivity

Giving employees the ability to get the most done from their mobile devices is important to boost productivity.
Employees can often work more efficiently if they are allowed to access corporate email, apps, and data anytime and anywhere from their mobile devices.

To give business the leverage to gain maximum benefit from mobility, Managed Mobility is the right solution for you to simplify
the management of mobile devices, streamline the distribution of business apps, protect the access to corporate network and secure company data.



Simplify the growing complexity of managing mobility within your business.


Scalable to grow as your business uses more devices and help to enforce policies within minutes.


Enable mobile workforce with secure access to the right tools, and content, anytime, anywhere.

What does it do?

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Mobile Device
Management (MDM)
  • Manage & track devices
  • Enforce security policies
  • Secure access to resources
  • Update devices settings over-the-air
  • Remotely lock & wipe device
Mobile Application Management (MAM)
Mobile Application
Management (MAM)
  • Whitelist & blacklist apps
  • Recommend apps with customized app catalog
  • Push mobile apps directly to devices
Mobile Content Management (MCM)
Mobile Content
Management (MCM)
  • Distribute company data securely
  • Separate personal & corp data
  • Protect employees’ privacy

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The Best of Managed Mobility
from Maxis

The Leading Solution

Maxis partners with the leading authority of Enterprise Managed Mobility.

Enterprise-grade Service

Professional, on-site configuration and training to meet your every need.

Cloud-based Solutions

Avoids upfront CAPEX and allows devices to be added at any time.

Risk-free Trial

One month commitment-free trial with up to 50 devices for your peace of mind.

Constant Innovation

The only telco in Malaysia with fully integrated business solutions and applications.

With our Managed Mobility 30-day Free Trial,
you will be able to:

Enroll up to 50 devices for 30 days.

Enjoy a risk-free trial with zero commitment.

Login in to a single web portal to centrally manage your devices and apps.

Receive technical advice.

Receive on-site assistance from technical professionals for onboarding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Managed Mobility?

Managed Mobility is a set of solutions that allows you to centrally manage the broad range of mobile devices used in your workspace regardless of where they are or whether they belong to the company or personal-owned. With Managed Mobility, you can set the policy to protect the devices as well as the company apps and resources accessible from them.  Also, you can remotely push business apps across the fleet of devices and prevent the installation of unwanted apps.

Is Managed Mobility applicable to my company?

Yes, Managed Mobility works for any company that wants to maximize the benefits of mobility. With Managed Mobility, you can enjoy improved productivity by empowering the mobile workforce with the right set of tools, save on cost and time with an efficient way to distribute apps, and gain peace of mind on the mitigation of security risks and concerns. 

How does Managed Mobility work?

First, you will be guided to access the web-based management console on how to create users, define security policies, push apps, monitor device status, etc. Second, your end users will enroll their mobile devices by downloading a mobile app, referred as the agent app, onto their devices. Afterwards, you can perform all the necessary device management and monitoring as long as there is an Internet connectivity between the agent app and the cloud-based Managed Mobility platform.

I have a plethora of devices in my company, ranging from IOS to Android, will Maxis Manage Mobility be able to work on those?

What are the platforms and mobile operating systems that I can manage with Maxis Managed Mobility?

Our solution is able to take care of pretty much any mobile operating system and include support for the following below;
Apple iOS
Windows Phone
Windows 10 Mobile
Chrome OS
Windows CE
Windows 10

Managed Mobility allows you to manage laptops beside mobile devices under a unified environment.

This sounds very interesting. How do I find out if the solution is really for me?

We provide you a 30 days trial to carry out the proof-of-concept (POC) up to 50 devices. You will receive guidance on the setup of the POC environment. The 30 days trial is free of monthly subscription charge, and you can terminate the trial without penalty.

Will I still receive assistance and guidance on the settings & configurations at web-based management console after the service activation?

Yes, you will. You can contact our Customer Service at 1800 82 1919 or 1919 from your mobile phone.

The empoyees' personal devices may connect to a network other than Maxis. Can Managed Mobility cover these devices?

Yes, the service covers all the devices used in the workspace regardless of the network connected to, including company Wi-Fi.

How do I subscribe to Managed Mobility?

You may contact your account manager, our representative at 1700-818-881 or leave your contacts with us.

How do I decide which particular solution under Managed Mobility is the best for me?

We will capture your requirements and understand your needs before recommending the best solution that is applicable to you. We work very closely with our solution partners to ensure the compliance of solution in meeting your requirements.

What is the minimum number of device for me to subscribe to Managed Mobility?

A minimum of 10 devices.

Why should I consider Managed Mobility from Maxis?

We are the one-stop-shop expert who serves all your mobility needs to boost productivity, from providing you the best 4G LTE network, business grade professional services, and SLA-defined technical support to a variety of cloud and Internet-of-things (IoT) solutions tailored to meet your business requirements.

Terms and Conditions

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