Achieve Independence With Maxis

With a home office, you are your own IT department. You need a simple-to-install, reliable, high-speed Internet connection. You need access to productivity tools and collaboration platforms. Above all, you need these to be quick, cost-effective, and simple. How do you get all these? By partnering with Maxis.

  • Access reliable, high-speed Internet minus the hassle of a complicated setup for your home office.
  • Never miss a business call and front your business with a single reachable number.
  • Make unlimited business calls and engage with customers via SMS anytime.
  • Ensure business continuity even when you’re on the go, on a robust and reliable network.
  • Reduce operational expenses with an all-in-one business communication service for your home office.
  • Manage business operations better with cloud-based solutions.
  • Be more productive, and work from anywhere on any device without incurring high costs.
  • Add more phone lines as your business scales and share data quotas across your teams.
  • Expand your business globally with VoIP and video conferencing, backed by reliable high-speed Internet.
  • Improve customer engagements through constant and effective online platforms and SMS channels.
  • Offer convenience to your customers by enabling doorstep payments.

Why Choose to Work With Maxis?

Integrated Solutions

We are the only communications provider in Malaysia with business solutions that are integrated from the ground up-from voice to data, and cloud computing.

The Widest Network

We have the widest and fastest 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage in Malaysia and also have the largest roaming network. Give your business access to reliable connectivity no matter where it is located.

Champions Technology

Our history of bringing pioneering technologies to Malaysian businesses demonstrates our belief that cutting-edge technology and telecommunications can create value and ensure world-class service.

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