Smarter solutions for the retail-savvy

As a retailer, you need to ensure that your business remains competitive during this tough economic period. How can you increase the efficiency of your business, rise above the competition, and actually grow your business faster than the market? By partnering with Maxis.

  • Front your business with a single contact number and ensure employees are always reachable. Reroute calls conveniently from fixed lines to mobile phones.
  • Reduce operational expenses with an all-in-one business communication service that covers voice and data on a reliable and fast network.
  • Provide high speed WiFi to employees and customers within your premises to grow customer affinity.
  • Manage peak hours better and improve dining / store experience with app-based ordering, servicing and payment facilities.
  • Guard against stock-outs and lower inventory costs with cloud-based solutions.
  • Optimise your marketing campaign costs using pay-as-you-use SMS marketing.
  • Maintain timely and accurate transaction postings and reconciliations to the central office backed by a secure and reliable network. 
  • Boost sales by offering deliveries during non-peak hours and enable cashless transactions at the customer’s preferred location.
  • Expand your business online – target the digitally-connected customers and reach out to a global audience.
  • Improve customer engagement through constant and effective online platforms and SMS channels. 

Why Choose to Work With Maxis?

Integrated Solutions

We are the only communications provider in Malaysia with business solutions that are integrated from the ground up-from voice to data, and cloud computing.

The Widest Network

We have the widest and fastest 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage in Malaysia and also have the largest roaming network. Give your business access to reliable connectivity no matter where it is located.

Champions Technology

Our history of bringing pioneering technologies to Malaysian businesses demonstrates our belief that cutting-edge technology and telecommunications can create value and ensure world-class service.

Contact our consultants to learn how your business can benefit with Maxis Business Solutions today at

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