Ensure Smooth Expansion and Solid Growth With Maxis

Ensuring smooth business growth in cross border expansion is a challenge. You need to constantly differentiate & innovate, handle a larger customer base, stay competitive, and ensure management efficiency. How do you achieve all these? By partnering with Maxis.

  • Start by reducing network complexity and costs by using a single converged network and one stop business solution provider.
  • Keep your business accessible by ensuring zero downtime and reliable cloud connectivity.
  • Gain better visibility and control of production, supply chain, fleet operations and overall administrative expenses.
  • Ensure rapid and secure transfer of data within the organization, locally and abroad.
  • Increase employee productivity by allowing them to work over a secure connection, anywhere, anytime on devices of their choice.
  • Ensure employees are always reachable locally and across the globe with a simple call routing facility and great roaming coverage.
  • Pay as you grow – add more phone lines as your business grows and share data quota across your teams according to their need.
  • Build impactful online presence and effectively expand your reach worldwide.
  • Boost credibility with professional email, web presence and ecommerce done right.
  • Improve customer experience by understanding your customer, customizing your offer and providing convenient payment options, anywhere.
  • Run marketing campaigns effectively and obtain measurable results.

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Why Choose to Work With Maxis?
Integrated Solutions

We are the only communications provider in Malaysia with business solutions that are integrated from the ground up-from voice to data, and cloud computing.

The Widest Network

We have the widest and fastest 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage in Malaysia and also have the largest roaming network. Give your business access to reliable connectivity no matter where it is located.

Champions Technology

Our history of bringing pioneering technologies to Malaysian businesses demonstrates our belief that cutting-edge technology and telecommunications can create value and ensure world-class service.

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