Maxis Focused on Digitising the SME Market with the Launch of Built For SME - Retail

Maxis focused on digitising the SME market
with the launch of Built for SME - Retail

03 Apr 2012

  • Maxis' Built for SME - Retail Solution is the only all-in-one solution available in Malaysia that provides a comprehensive suite of services that is reliable, competitively priced and simple to set up
  • With the launch of Built for SME - Retail, Maxis is strengthening its focus on digitising the SME market through innovative, technological solutions, supported by the largest combined wired and wireless footprint in the country
  • Maxis is the only telco in the country to offer solutions beyond fixed and mobile solutions for SMEs to meet their various business needs

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Kuala Lumpur, 3 April 2012

Malaysia's leading integrated communications provider, Maxis Berhad (Maxis), today launched Built for SME - Retail, the first all-in-one integrated solution in Malaysia for retail small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The bundled product comprises an extensive suite of services beyond fixed and mobile solutions, which include Biz Fibre with CCTV, Software-as-a-Service on Maxis Cloud and Maxis Business Community Call. The one-stop solution enables SMEs to deal with a single provider for all their needs.

SME customers now have the choice to take advantage of Maxis' largest combined wired and wireless footprint in the country to access a whole range of products and services that are required to start, maintain or grow their business.

"The retail solution that we are launching today is aimed at providing SMEs with the competitive edge by offering them a communications solution that is reliable, competitively priced and simple to set up, which will ultimately help to manage their costs and resources more effectively, increase productivity and grow their business more efficiently," said Mark Dioguardi, Maxis' Joint Chief Operating Officer.

"Built for SME - Retail is another innovation in our stable of business solutions. Through our leading Wireless Network Coverage, combined with second to none Optical Fibre Reach, Maxis has the largest and fastest High Speed Access capability in the country. As a result, our customers will be able to enjoy a seamless experience when using these new bundled solutions" Mark said.

As an integrated player, Maxis provides end-to-end solutions to SMEs that would cover everything from the home, office, personal, fixed-line or mobile access, mobile broadband, interactive content, services and applications, machine-to-machine applications and cloud computing. Maxis' Built for SME - Retail strengthens this proposition further by providing integrated solutions that are innovative and enables the development of high-growth SMEs particularly in the retail sector to be competitive and sustain revenue growth in domestic as well as international markets.

CCTV on Maxis Business Fibre Internet

By collaborating with like-minded partners, the CCTV device provides live streaming video feeds, and is bundled together with Maxis Business Fibre Internet to ensure the fastest connection possible for high-quality video. The CCTV devices can be installed in both front and back-end areas of the retail space, enabling retailers to protect their outlets by monitoring all on-going activity. It also provides peace of mind for the employees, with increased safety.

Maxis' Business Fibre Internet has the highest fibre internet speed in Malaysia - up to 32Mbps -so customers can now access its Business Fibre network through this solution to enable them to enjoy the highest internet quality and speeds.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on Maxis Cloud

Maxis Cloud is the most advanced on-demand, real-time, fully managed cloud service in Malaysia. SMEs can access Maxis Cloud via the country's highest speed business broadband access over its 100 gigabit per second (100G) optical backbone network.

Maxis provides SaaS to customers through its Cloud offering by partnering with the 'Wavelet MS' ERP solution which will help customers complete and scan sales transactions on their cash register to monitor, track inventory and for accounting, among others.

Maxis Business Community Call

Maxis Business Community Call is the first value-added service of its kind in Malaysia to offer free corporate fixed (Business Voice Enhanced) to corporate mobile calls and vice versa for its business customers. Customers can make free calls within the company network. By subscribing to the service, SMEs can save significantly on operating expenses (OPEX) and encourage communication while achieving networking scalability.

Maxis also provides customers with plans through the availability of mobile devices and fixed voice offerings such as Maxis Business Voice Enhanced. Through this, all business communication is enabled through a single converged network, from receiving phone calls to setting up a video conference.

For more information on Built for SME - Retail, please visit Alternatively, customers can call 1700 81 7003 / 1 700 81 7150 / 1 700 81 7234 within Central Malaysia; 1 700 81 7030 within north Malaysia or 1 700 81 7090 within south Malaysia. 

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