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Regulatory, Legal
and Compliance

Provide Maxis with the right legal advice and ensure that
the company complies with all regulations.

Company Secretary

Help us meet corporate governance standards. We ensure an efficient administration, in statutory, regulatory and listing requirements. We also make sure that all decisions made by our board of directors are implemented, and liase with external parties on corporate and listing matters.


Protect Maxis' interests and legal rights. We ensure Maxis' operations, businesses and relations with external parties meet all legal standards and requirements. We protect all of Maxis' legal interests. We interpret and advise our Maxis' colleagues on all points of law. We represent Maxis directly or indirectly in all cases of legal challenges and arbitration.


Understand and influence the regulatory environment. We represent Maxis' interest in securing the most favorable treatment when complying with the relevant rules and regulations. We work with regulators to understand the current and future regulatory framework that governs Maxis. We also ensure that Maxis complies with the regulations that are set to govern our business.

Risk Management

Help us manage our risks. We identity, analyse and mitigate risks on Maxis' business and operations. We plan and execute risks mitigations strategy to ensure the management of Maxis are well aware of all significant risks involved. We strive for greater understanding and a strong culture of risk management across our operations.

Internal Audit

Ensure compliance to internal requirements. We check and assess that all internal controls are being complied by every part of our operations. We ensure these standards meet all relevant requirements. We also ensure that the management and board members are aware of the compliance status.

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