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Human Resources

Seek for new talents and develop internal talents to help grow the company.

Employee Relations

Better manager-employee relations. By leveraging on Maxis' values, culture and assets, we aim for high employee engagement by building strong and effective internal communications. We encourage employees to collaborate, have fun and help spread the Maxis employee value propositions. We also help enforce employee discipline and compliance.

HR Business Partners

Be the bridge between business and People & Organization (P&O). We focus on ensuring policies, processes and initiatives from P&O are implemented in the business; particularly in managing talents and creating a high employee engagement culture. We are the local HR experts on HR policies and processes, as well as, to coach and mentor for the people we support. We also ensure business needs are taken into account, during the people policy making process.


Help grow the Maxis family. We hire the Maxis workforce. We bring in the right people with great talent, values and potential for the right roles. We manage the systems, processes and partners to create a strong Maxis brand as an employer. We utilise social media platforms and other tools to create a strong pipeline for Maxis. We encourage people internally to change and rotate jobs for career growth.


Ensure people costs achieve strategic results. We implement salary and benefit programmes that are market competitive to generate high performance and to create the desired culture. We design incentives for specific purposes such as employee retention, sales driven performance or upskilling. We have deep insights into our staff costs, and continually look for opportunities to get better value on our employee expenditure.

Talent & Development

Help employees grow in their career. We identify and grow our top talents. We ensure that we always have a strong pipeline of succession, which includes developing young talents for the future. We understand the training needs of our employees and we offer solutions through multiple channels. We strive to create a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Management Associates

Live up to your potential. We are young talents, recent graduates with exceptional qualifications and perhaps have some working experience. We are on a structured development programme that exposes us to all of Maxis' core operations. We take on projects both in and out of Maxis, and continue to learn whilst contributing to Maxis.

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