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Administration and Support

Keep Maxis moving by providing all departments the support they need.

Admin Support

Help make great things happen. We handle business and operational processes to support the business teams delivering Maxis' products and services to the customers. We support employees' needs, manage documents, and organise various office and equipment requirements.

Environmental Health and Safety

Help promote safe work environments. We ensure the people at Maxis work in a safe, healthy and environmentally sound workspace. We also ensure Maxis meets with all relevant rules and regulations. We manage the relationship with external parties such as regulators, business partners and the public.


Help keep our people safe. We ensure that the people of Maxis are free from any physical danger. We protect them from external and internal threats, and we comply with all relevant rules and regulations. We investigate any security issues, and work with relevant law enforcement authorities.

Property and Facilities Management

Create an environment that energises and inspires. We manage Maxis' physical workspaces. We ensure they meet Maxis' needs, and reflect our culture and values. We work to make them truly become a part of the brand and also make them promoters of our brand's values.

Vehicle Fleet Management

Keep the Maxis fleet moving. We manage Maxis' fleet of work vehicles, whether they belong to us or outsourced. We ensure business and operational needs are met by careful management and maintenance of the fleet. We also take into account that the safety, security, branding and costs considerations are always met.

Warehouse & Logistics

Help Maxis keep and move things. We ensure the warehouses and supply chains are always working at great efficiency and effectiveness. We also prioritise the safety, security, environmental and health considerations of the entire logistics operations so they are always supporting the business and operational needs.

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